As the world continues to evolve all across the globe, keeping oneself updated with the changing times is the need of the hour. The demand for highly skilled individuals continues to soar high while the quality of education continues to dilute, and the industry-academic gap continues to expand. This, in turn, has led to a rise in competition for incompetent jobs while the bar is set high for reputed universities all across the globe. The fierce competition between GATE vs GRE continues, while deep expertise in a particular industry is what recruiters look for. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you if studying abroad is a suitable option or should you continue for GATE.

GATE vs GRE – Understanding Both the Prospects Inside Out

Making a career decision is the toughest thing you will ever come across. While the top universities abroad may entice you with the lucrative options, one should not forget the advantages that the Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering (GATE) offers. Deciding the GATE vs GRE is one of the toughest things you will ever come across.

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GATE is one of the significant exams across India. The exam is attended by thousands of aspirants and is also the gateway for being a part of the Public Sector companies (PSU). The score is accepted by almost every college, and university in the nation and hence is one of the most crucial exams in the country.

Significant names that accept the gate scores include all IITs and NITs. The primer institutes of the nation have been very selective with their selection procedure and have limited seats for the admission process. Most likely, a Master’s program can help you be one of the leading researchers or work in nation-building as a lecturer.

GATE vs GRE – Understanding the Differences on a Deeper Note

However, with the strict policies in place, only a valid GATE score can help you earn your degree and get a job. The policies have been changed for the lectureship, too, and only PhDs are being allowed to have a lectureship role. However, a master’s program can change your life and help you lead a better lifestyle if you choose to go for a master’s program abroad.  The tug war between GATE vs GRE continues to exist as the competition continues to evolve.

However, despite the GATE vs GRE war and intense competition, the GRE emerges out to be the winner. The global coverage and acceptance of the score have worked out in favor of the exam. The score gives a stiff competition to the other exams like the ILETS and is accepted by every major country across the globe. The format of both exams differs a lot. While GRE tests students from multiple aspects, GATE is conducted for the technical admissions only.

The GRE papers encompass major factors like reasoning, aptitude, critical, and analytical skills. The GATE exam tests the candidates solely on a specified subject while the reasoning part remains common in all the papers. The GATE vs GRE does not seem to be as fierce as it looks but should not be taken lightly. A degree from an elite institute can give a significant push to your career and hence cannot be ignored at all costs.

Financials and Studying Abroad Option

However, despite being a lucrative option, the GATE vs GRE factor persists. The cost of pursuing higher education is expensive, at the very least. The cost of living and the graduation fee alone will cost in lakhs. While the study expanses can be minimized through scholarships based on GRE scores, yet the problem persists in continuing. One can take a loan from the bank and can settle down abroad, the fees continue to proliferate on high-interest rates, and it takes years to repay your loans completely.

On the other hand, while a GRE exam or a GRE test represents an enticing option, a good GATE score can help you earn substantially in the country. The research opportunities, combined with the evolving regulations on the same, can help you with good fellowship and grant options from the governments.

Concluding Remarks

Hundreds of thousands of students find themselves in the dilemma while going through the GRE prep or GATE test. The options are limitless for the right candidate and hence could not be ignored. A good GATE score can help you get the things done; however, the stiff competition and limited seats inhibit the growth prospects of the opportunity.

On the other hand, the elite institutions abroad to face stiff competition, and with the entire globe fighting for the limited seats, make the seats an impossible task in itself. However, if one gets a place in some of the most elite institutes, the opportunity should not be missed. No wonder education plays a crucial role in life and hence could not be ignored at all costs. With the right opportunities in place, one can make significant advancements all across the globe.

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