3 Months GRE Study Schedule- Are you preparing for GRE 2024? SOPEDITS brings you 90 days GRE study plan. With the help of 3 Months GRE Study Schedule, you can schedule your study plan accordingly to score well. GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a test which is required for getting admitted to the majority of graduate schools. It is important that you score well in it as the more you’ll score, the more your chances of getting selected will increase.

The GRE score requirement varies from course to course but talking about the average requirement of top universities, it ranges somewhere between 150- 170.

3 Months GRE Study Schedule:

If you’ve got only three months left for your GRE exam, do not panic as a majority of the students prepare for it within 2- 3 months. However, it is important that you properly devote your time and attention to your preparation if you really wish to ace this test. It is also important that you go ahead with your preparation with a proper GRE preparation plan so that you can:

  • Stay on track
  • Efficiently utilize your time
  • Target each area in a strategic way

Now, the question is:

How to prepare for GRE in 3 months?

Well, in order to help you in successfully accomplishing your GRE study plan, we are providing you with a 3 months GRE study schedule focusing on the verbal as well as quantitative section alongside giving some GRE preparation tips-

  • Week 1 to 3

Verbal- Start with focusing on building up your vocabulary. Starting with something basic like words will help in making you feel a lot more confident. You can go through meanings, synonyms, antonyms and usage of words in order to increase your vocabulary.

Quants- In the initial weeks, you should learn about the pattern of question paper and what type of questions you’ll be asked for it. Next, you should start reviewing the math formulae you think you should know depending on the pattern of the question paper.

  • Week 4 to 6

Verbal- Divert your attention towards the text completion, sentence equivalence and reading comprehension. For this, you can start to practice exercises given in the helping books or study guides meant for the GRE preparation.

Quants- By now, you should know all the formulae by heart as now it is time to start solving questions based on them. Practicing more and more questions really helps in boosting your confidence. You can take help of study guides for this.

  • Week 7 to 9

Verbal- Get finished with revising all the words you learnt, text completion and sentence equivalence. Go through the practice tests consisting of questions of medium and hard difficulty level.

Quants- Keep practicing and also, review the math problems you solved.

Tip- Simultaneously, make sure to practice full length tests at the end of each week.

  • Week 10 and 11

Verbal- Review all your mistakes you made in your practice tests. This will help you pay attention to the questions you can possibly go wrong with.

Quants- For this section too, review the mistakes you made in practice tests.

Tip- Stop learning any new words and start to focus more on essays.

  • Week 12

Verbal- Go through all your practice tests again. Revise your essays by structuring and practicing to write them.

Quants -Also for Quants, go through all your practice tests for one last time. Revise all the formulae by writing them down on a paper.

So, this was our 3 months GRE study schedule for you. By religiously following this GRE preparation schedule given above, we are sure that you will crack this test in the best way possible. Just make sure that you are working on each area properly so as to not lack in any section. Wishing you all the luck!

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