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Required GRE Scores for Top UK Colleges/ Universities – GRE Cut Off Marks

Required GRE Scores for UK Colleges- To get admission in top UK Colleges/ Universities, you must obtain required GRE Score or GRE Cut off marks. The test assesses the abilities of the graduates in relation to the tasks of general academic nature of the one. Candidate from any special background can appear for the test it may include a unique ability of one person. The test aims to measure an individual’s quantitative and verbal skills in philosophical writing developed during undergraduate education. That what matters the most.

What does the GRE Score Consist for Top UK Colleges

The GRE scores for UK Colleges test can be categorized into three sections:

  1. The first section includes Analytical Writing as a whole. The candidate has to attempt two 30-minutes separately assigned tasks in the paper. The tasks can be shown as “Analysing an issue” and “Analysing an Argument.”
  2. The second part is all about Verbal Reasoning. This section is further divided into two sub-sections. The time allocated for each sub-section is probably 20 minutes.
  3. The third segment includes Quantitative Reasoning, divided into two sub-sections. There are 20 questions per section. The amount of time allocated for each part is 35 minutes.

The total time allotted to the candidate to complete the test is 3 hours and 45 minutes (225 minutes) fully.

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The Top UK Colleges/ Universities Who are Accepting GRE Scores are Listed Below:

  1. The University of Oxford:

As per the new rankings, the University of Oxford stood first among all the top UK universities. One of the oldest universities in the world, this UK University has ranked fifth among the top 10 universities all across the globe. This university accepts the GRE score as per the required standards.

2. The University of Cambridge: 

The fourth-oldest University in the world and one that’s ranked second among all UK universities is a collegiate overall public research institution that is home to more than 18,000 students from all across the globe. Along with its reputation in terms of academic excellence and traditional scholastic values, the University of Cambridge is also a good platform for overall extra activities like fine-arts, music, politics and much more.

3. Imperial College London:

After Oxbridge, the Imperial College of London claims the distinction to be at the third most highly-ranked university in the UK. Which was established in the year 1907, the distinctive feature of this institution is its focus on research-oriented study, in the fields of especially in science and technology, in a multicultural environment. This is one of the top UK university, which requires a GRE score.


Most of the reputed universities, accept GRE score and all the universities are having their own scores and feedback for the same so whenever applied for the same we need to check the eligibility for the same.

The scale for GRE score:

The scale of the GRE score will be stated to be good if it ranges between 300- 350. Else expect all other scores, that needs improvement for sure.

Here are some statistics it is showing for the scores of GRE, which is being shown differently, in the chart and it is showing the scores of quants and verbal. Verbal and quants scores are increasing with the increase in percentiles as it is shown in the graph.

Study in UK is a big opportunity for anyone to go for, it is up to us that how to cope up with the scores of GRE that is important to crack so as to take admission in the same.

The Pattern of GRE Exam:

As discussed earlier, it shows that 3 sections are there which is showing here as Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning as well. Sections and duration being discussed here in the table showing above.

MS in UK:  Doing masters with having experience in hand is just like having an add on quality of your education along with the work. The best part is you can study with the work doing there. Along with this, you will be considered as an earning hand to the fullest and you can pay off your own fees as well.

Benefits of Study MS in UK:

  • Work permit after study.
  • Strong research infrastructure.
  • Internationally recognized universities.
  • Cross-culture experience as a whole.

MBA in UK:

Here are the benefits you will be grabbing the same, in order to study in UK the degree of MBA which is showing the one, the skills you are having to go for MBA in UK.

Have a look at some points to ponder upon:

  1. A globally recognized degree is offered, which is in high demand.
  2. It’s up to you what you want to opt for, Universities at UK offer diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in business.
  3. MBA in UK stands at the top of the most popular business courses and is offered by some of the UK’s best universities.
  4. Courses of business at UK universities also focus on case studies and practicability of every concept, as they help students understand the subjects in a better way.
  5. A degree in business from a UK university enhances the career options and earning potential of the students.
  6. In some of the institutions, students have to undergo an internship program as a part of the course curriculum in order to gain more exposure.

Either GMAT/GRE is acceptable in MBA with work experience as well in it.

Benefits of Study MBA in UK

  • Flow in English
  • Ultra- Independence
  • High-quality education


  • Pounds are high
  • Overloaded information
  • Homesickness
  • Diverse culture

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