1 Month GRE Study Schedule

1 Month GRE Study Schedule

Are you preparing for GRE? If the test date is near, you may be searching for How to prepare for GRE in one month, 4 Weeks GRE study plan, 1 Month GRE Study Schedule, How to score 330 in GRE in 1 month, GRE 1 Month Study plan, GRE 30 Days study plan, etc.


SOPEdits is here to help in this. By following the given study plan, you may help yourself in getting good score in GRE. GRE stands for the Graduate Record Examinations. It is a standardized test which acts as an admission requirement to mostly all the top graduate schools. It is highly important to score well on this test if you are trying to get into a renowned graduate school. It makes getting admission in the school of your choice much easier for you.

1 Month GRE Study Schedule

You should most definitely take this seriously and prepare your GRE study plan in advance if you wish to score well. But, what if there’s only a month left in your exam, how to prepare for GRE in 1 month?

Well, don’t worry! We got your back. Here, we are providing you with a 1 month GRE study schedule which will not only help you in preparing for the exam but also ace it. Also, we are providing you with a few GRE preparation tips to make this schedule foolproof.

1 Month GRE Study Schedule

Week 1

  • Verbal

You should start with practicing to write essays. Also, start learning new words and how to pronounce them properly.

  • Quants

Get acquainted with the pattern of the exam so as to get aware of the type of questions you will in it. This will enable you in focusing only on such type of questions.

Start to review the math formulae and concepts as per the pattern of exam.

Tip – Also, prepare a GRE preparation plan for the whole month in the first week itself.

Week 2

  • Verbal

Go through the word meanings, synonyms and antonyms of the words. This will help you in increasing your vocabulary. In the last two days of this week start focusing a little more on text completion and sentence equivalence.

  • Quants

Start practicing the math questions with the help of formulae you learn in the first week. Also, start increasing the difficulty level of the questions if you are able to solve the easier ones without facing any issue. Practicing a good number of questions will make you feel much more confident about your preparation.

Tip – Focus more on the areas where you are lagging.

Week 3

  • Verbal

Shift your focus from learning new words towards practicing the reading comprehensions. Also, keep practicing the text completion and sentence equivalence.

  • Quants

Practice medium and difficult math questions this week.

Tip- Solve as many practice papers as you can in this week. Make sure to at least solve three. (For both- Verbal and Quants)

Week 4

  • Verbal

Revise all the new words you learnt since the first day of this GRE 1 month study schedule. Review the mistakes you made while solving the practice papers.

  • Quants

Revise the math formulae and concepts you studied. Go through the errors you made in the practice papers you solved in the last week.

Tip- Reviewing your mistakes you made earlier helps you in detecting the questions you can possibly go wrong with. Therefore, it reduces the chances of making those mistakes again in your actual exam.

Don’t lose hopes thinking that there’s only a month left for the test. You can definitely score well in the exam even after preparing just for a month. All you need to do is follow the above- given 1 month GRE study schedule as stated, work hard and be focused. Also, consider tracking your daily progress as it will ensure that you are not getting diverted from your schedule.

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