Cost of Study in UK- The UK houses some of the world’s most renowned schools which make it amongst the most sought-after study destinations for students. Many students desire to get a degree from a reputed college in the UK. But just desiring to study somewhere cannot make you live that dream. You need to consider several other things as well in order to ensure the fulfilment of your dream. The cost to study there is one of them.

The cost of the study is one of the most important things to be kept in mind while planning to study abroad. We understand that it may be an issue for you to make an estimation of the cost of study in UK, especially when you are not living there and therefore, we are providing you with a few facts and numbers which will prove to be useful for you to get an idea of it.

Cost of Study in UK

The cost of education in UK depends on various factors namely the choice of college, its tuition fee, living expenses, scholarships etc. All these factors furthermore depend upon other important things like the choice of city, choice of course and more. Let us discuss all these factors in depth so as to get a clear idea of the cost of study in UK.

  • Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is the charge you need to pay for instruction. The tuition fee in UK universities is different for home students i.e. UK/ EU students and the international students. It also varies on the choice of your college and course. You can notice a significant difference in the fees of a home student pursuing an undergraduate degree in a city like Wales and in the fees of an international student pursuing a master’s degree in London.

Talking about the numbers, you will have to pay somewhere around US$ 11,000 per year for an undergraduate degree in cities like England and Wales if you are a home student whereas for the international students, this cost can range somewhere between US$12,000- $43,000 depending on the course you’ve chosen.

  • Living Expenses

The cost of study in UK is not so expensive in every city. However, if you are planning to study in big cities like London then you might find it a bit out of the budget. For rest all cities, the average annual cost of living in UK is US$ 14,800. It includes the rent, grocery bills, food bills and misc. expenses. In London, you should be expected to face a hike of US$4,000 or more per year for making use of the very same goods and services.

Also, as per the government guidelines, you can apply for the student visa to study in UK only if you have the budget of US$ 1,550 per month for studying in London and US$ 1,250 per month for studying outside London.

  • Scholarships

There are various scholarships which you can get and reduce your cost of study in UK. The home students can go for loans and grants in order to cover their tuition fees and other expenses. And for the international students, there is a variety of scholarships offered by the government. So, you should always check for scholarships and schemes you are eligible for before submitting the admission application. Also, make it a point to not only focus on government scholarships but also the ones offered by different organizations in your country.

The decision of studying in UK shouldn’t be a spontaneous one. You should properly plan everything beforehand and then only finalise this decision. We hope that the factors mentioned by us prove to be helpful for you in your planning and you get to live your dream of studying in UK.

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