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Required GRE Scores for Top US Universities/ Colleges

Preparing for GRE to get admission in top Universities of USA? What is the good GRE Score you need to obtain? If you are also in search for the answer to this question and looking for GRE Scores for US Universities or GRE Cut Off Marks for top US Universities then you are reading useful information for you. In this article, we will discuss Average GRE score required to top US Universities/ GRE Cut Off Marks 2018.

The Graduate Record Examinations is one of the most important competitive exams which needs to give for doing masters from abroad, especially from the USA. It is highly owned and administered by educational testing service who created in 1949. This is a standardized test which is peculiarly given by students in order to grab MS from top US universities.

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Average and Good GRE Scores for US Universities:

GRE is pervasive all year and sheds a valuable impact for research students since eligibility depends on it. The exam aims to enable the logical, verbal and analytical skills among the students. Many universities in the US take GRE for master programs and PhD programs and even colleges in Canada or if we talk about the top IVY League Colleges (MIT, Harvard) enrolling students on basis of GRE.

The general structure of GRE is shared under-

MeasureNumber of QuestionsAllotted Time
Analytical Writing (One section with two separately timed tasks)One “Analyse an Issue” task and one “Analyse an Argument” task30 minutes per task
Verbal Reasoning20 questions per section30 minutes per section
(Two sections)
Quantitative Reasoning20 questions per section35 minutes per section
(Two sections)

If minimum GRE score is approx. 270 score for masters in US universities greets under the average score which even differs from colleges to colleges and even from student to student.

The average GRE score for US universities shows that chances are high to take admissions for Masters in US universities since almost all the top universities need cut off for MS from USA, as per the diagrammatic representation as below which acts as the minimum score to enroll oneself into one of the top IVY League Colleges.

GRE verbal score

Harvard is one of the top universities of US in order to provide a better platform with the exclusive education system and accepts the highest GRE score in order to provide admission in masters especially CS, life sciences. Most of the students require 95 percentile or 165 points in scale.

Similarly, it happens with the other top US universities for MS/ PhD as drawn under the table-

S NO.Top Universities
3Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
4University of California, Berkeley
5Yale University
6University of Chicago
7University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
8Columbia University
9Johns Hopkins University

The good GRE cut off for various universities are decided on basis of various parameters which can be clearly depicted with the help of diagrammatic presentation-


The GRE and GMAT presents a simplified picture by most of the US universities since they are accepting GMAT too, but the top US universities catering GRE only into the eligibility criteria for MS and PhD programmes as indicated below-

The below table exhibits the minimum requirements (GRE SCORE) taken by the various top US universities in order to enroll the students in MS or PhD programmes-

According to the table, one can state that the top 10 US universities do not accept under 320-350 score cut off for US universities which rates the highest score for master in top US universities such as Stanford, Harvard etc.

GRE Test

GRE is one of the notable factors in order to enroll for masters in US universities which depends on the number of students which enroll every year, hence GRE cut off for US universities depends on the performance of the students and upon the average marks scored by the total number of students appeared. English proficiency is also one of the major factors to judge the efficiency of the candidate and is important for admissions since it helps in getting an average score for GRE to enroll in one of the top US universities.

The average score in each modular of GRE examination is analyzed by the statistics as dealt with- To know more about the GRE Score for US Universities, feel free to write in the comments below.

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