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Required GRE Scores for Top Ireland Universities/ Colleges

Universities in Ireland are attracting a couple of brilliant students across the world. The reason is quite simple – the country has a rich educational history and has a lot of top universities offering quality education at great prices. If you’re looking to be a part of any of the top universities in Ireland, you must meet certain criteria, rules, and regulations even though there are multiple universities that are ready to offer MBA and MS in Ireland without undertaking the GRE or GMAT exam. But there are certain universities that have decided to ask for a minimum required GRE score for Ireland Universities.

Apart from good or high GRE scores, the universities ask for a good score in English proficiency exams. This will help them to enhance their skills and go for an easy admission process. Whether you’re looking to secure admission to your dream university or you wish to choose the best university for your needs, SOP-Edits, Study Abroad Consultants‘ team can help you walk through everything smoothly. 

What Are The Required GRE Scores For Top Ireland Universities? 

To get admission to a few of the universities of Ireland, students have to go through the GRE exam. An exam that mainly focuses on the three main areas – verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Let’s dig deeper by taking an example of the university that you wish to study in Ireland. For instance, for a student looking to secure admission to top universities like UCD or TCD, there are certain limits for GRE Scores. Students must secure 310-320 in the quant section of the GRE exam and around 550-630 in the GMAT exam. In addition to that, a work experience of more than two years helps to get easy admission in the top universities. 

List Of Top Ireland Universities Where You Can Seek Admission 

Here is the list of some top universities that you can check out for your future study in Ireland. Before you choose any university from the below-mentioned few main universities in Ireland, it’s important to contact them and ask for the requirements. This will help you to get an idea of whether the university asks students to go through the GRE exam before admission. 

University College Dublin is one of the best universities in Ireland that was established in 1908. It offers a full-time MBA in Ireland, and if a student has a good GMAT score, it would be easy for them to seek admission. Generally, the GMAT score required to secure admission to University College Dublin is 620. In addition to that, a minimum of three years’ experience can make the process even more smooth. However, the university doesn’t ask for a GRE exam score, but having a good score can boost up the chances of getting admission to your dream university. 

Trinity College Dublin, one of the best and highest-ranked universities in Ireland was established in 1592. To secure admission to this university, a student must have a 550 GMAT score and work experience of 3-5 years. Though the GRE score isn’t mandatory, the university is encouraging students for the same. The reason is that there are many students applying to the university each year. Having a good GRE score will increase your chances of winning a seat in the university. 

GRE Scores for Ireland

A few additional universities that you can count on

● Dublin Business School

● Griffith College

● Dublin City University

● National University of Ireland Galway

However, these universities don’t ask for GMAT or GRE Scores. But having one of them will favor the students in multiple ways. Having a good GRE score means a student is capable of getting into the advanced courses and having additional skills to pursue their further studies in the university. 

Final Words 

So this was all about the required GRE Scores that a student must-have to get admission. If you wish to stay in Ireland and pursue your further education in one of your dream top universities, it’s a wise idea to consult a study abroad consulting firm. SOP-Edits can help you to prepare for your dream university and secure a seat in the university. You can contact them to know more about how you can study abroad by having the required GRE Scores for Ireland Universities. 

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