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MS in Ireland- Rankings, Fee, Colleges, Universities, Requirements, Application Process

MS in Ireland: The emergence of technology helps the humankind to grow and improve the lifestyle, and students are no exception. Easily accessible information and trouble-free transportation facility forced the graduates to think about their career option in overseas.

Ireland is becoming a popular choice for the international student community recently. Factors like the rich heritage, critically acclaimed institutions, and low-cost tuition fees are helping the country to become a student-hub. Expert says It’s a good place to do a master of science (MS) program and especially in computer science branches. MS in Ireland is quite cost-effective, unlike other Europian countries.

Why are Students Opting for MS in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the developed nations in the entire Europian Union(EU). Though a small country, the country has performed exceptionally well in the software industry. Ireland is considered as an IT hub of EU, which gives loads of opportunities to the students of MS in Ireland.

The courses of the top universities for Masters includes programs like an internship in the industry or company. It gives the students an insight into the real working experience. Courses like cloud computing, finance, and data analytics are becoming very popular among foreign students in Ireland.

What does the Number Suggest for MS in Ireland?

Ireland is having a large number of world-class college and universities, and they cover almost all the specialization, which is itself a deal maker for most students. The number suggests the same as well. In 2013, only around 9,300 non-EU students were permitted for higher education.

However, in 2017 the number increased to more than 13,500, which is an increase of 45%. Out of them, China contributes the most followed by Malaysia, the USA, Canada, India, and Saudi Arabia. As you can notice, students from Asian communities are taking great interest in doing their higher study in Ireland.

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Why does Ireland Becoming a Hotspot for Indian Students?

There are around 2,000 Indian students pursuing their MS in Ireland, and the number will grow significantly in years to come. Besides students, Ireland has a big Indian diaspora which is over 25,000 strong. It gives confidence to the student while considering different options.  Courses being offered in English, which is also an added advantage for Indians.

The cost to study in Ireland is low as compared to other international destinations. The tuition fee for MS in Ireland for non-EU students ranges from 8,000 to 25,000 Euros per year, depending on the institutions which are quite a value for money. The cost of living is also on the lower side. The students can even choose to stay back for one year after masters and can look for jobs.

Thanks to the good diplomatic relationship between two countries, Indian professional able to get the largest number of work permits from the Irish government. Even the local government encourages Indian businessmen to set up their farm.

Most of the Indian students opting for masters in Ireland depends on part-time work for their daily expenses, and the government encourages that as well. One can work up to 20 hrs a week in regular time and 40 hrs per week during vacation time. As the minimum wage is 8.65 Euros per hour, one can earn enough for his bread and butter.

What Makes Ireland So Special from a Student Perspective?

From a student perspective, MS admission requirements in Ireland is the biggest positive. Here, you don’t need a GRE score to be admitted to any major universities. Almost all universities don’t require a GRE score which is mandatory in most of the other countries like the USA. The IELTS minimum score required is 5, is easy to get.

However, it is always recommended to get a score above 6.5 to get a reputed institution. The last but not the least, one can get a stipend of 75 Euros per month for personal expenses if he/she does well in academics. There are also other scholarship options are available according to the institutions.

There are several renowned lists of top masters colleges provide quality education and scholarship as well and have the potential to become your dream college.

Last word

There are some obstacles faced by some students that deserve an improvement, including delays in immigration registration, affordable student accommodation, and transition to employment after graduation. But foreign students after the masters can remain in the country for a couple of years to work and plan for their future which is quite rare for Europian Union countries.

Brexit, Britain’s exit from the Europian Union, will help Ireland to attract even more foreign students as it shows that it has a stable government and the communication with other EU countries will have a positive impact and students planning to go to the UK will reconsider Ireland as next alternative. Factors like the low tuition fee, quality education, the opportunity for employment, and practical skill-based education makes Ireland a perfect country for higher study in Ireland.

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