Study In Ireland- Universities, Courses, Eligibility And Tuition Fee Details

Study in Ireland in 2021- Ireland is an island country in the latest changes in the government policies for International students, Ireland has emerged as a top pick for the students this year. Extending the stay back the option to two years has resulted in a mass shift in the interest of the students towards the country. Ireland is the land of castles, elves, balladeers, and leprechauns.
Popular Industry
The country is certainly popular for Information, Communication and Technology courses due to its strength in the same industry and also due to the presence of multinational companies in the capital city i.e. Dublin. 9 out of 10 top IT companies have an operation in the country. The technology sector in the country employs more or less more than 105K people and more than 75% are placed in multinational companies. If reports are to be believed the IT sector will create more than 150k new jobs by 2021 resulting in uplifting the economy of the country and improving the living standard of the common public. Companies that have offices in the country are Twitter, Google, Apple, eBay, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Amazon
The strategic location of the country also makes a suitable place to build and operate various data centers in the country. To validate the fact the companies like Adobe, Yahoo, Microsoft, MSN, and IBM have their data centers in Ireland. To add on Gaming companies also have found the country as a valuable place to have their presence, gaining from the fruitful cluster of Information Technology companies like Jolt, EA, DemonWare, PopCap, Havok, Zynga, Riot Games, and Big fish also have the brick and mortar offices in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Galway. The industry is not limited to Dublin itself but has widespread throughout the country, Galway itself has more than 190 tech multinational companies like-: Apple, Avaya, Oracle, Cisco, and SAP, further investment of approximately 900$ is expected in coming years. Ireland has seven top-class universities and a number of institutes of technologies.


There are more than 35k student’s international students pursuing their education in the country. Entrneurship courses are very popular because of the ever-growing start companies in the country. Dublin has been ranked friendliest city by a lonely planet twice. Ireland is top in terms of graduates per 1,000 inhabitants in Europe, over 85% of students complete the secondary level of education in the country.

Research Opportunities

In the winters one can expect a mild temperature ranging from 5-8 degrees Celsius where else in the summers temperature are somewhere between 15-20 degrees Celsius. Leading Research and development in biotechnology and pharmacy has provided the country with a cutting edge over other competitors which helps students to choose the country as a study destination. Ireland is also known for Mass Media and literature courses as well. Some of the great writers are Irish for example James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde are well known in the literary world. Trinity College Dublin is one of the oldest colleges in the world and is also the top-ranked college in Ireland in certain subjects. TCD has approximately 20,000 students in 35 schools.

Tuition Fees For Study in Ireland in 2021

Fees for undergraduate can be from 8-17K Euros per year for the undergraduate. For Postgraduate students fees, one should estimate 10-20K Euros per year. For the living expense, the students should keep a budget of 8-13K Euros, however, it totally depends on the city and the lifestyle of the student. Living in Dublin can be on the higher side
Considering if a student is enrolled in Level 7 i.e. bachelor’s degree in Ireland or above then students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week and the time can be extended to 40 hours in holidays.

Scholarship in Ireland 2021

NUI Galway Government of Ireland Scholarships
This type of scholarship is targeted towards the Indian students looking to study in Ireland for the Post Graduate course in Informatics, Software, and Innovation in Biomedical science. If awarded this scholarship will cover the full tuition fees and an amount of 10K in order to cover the living expense.
DCU Government of Ireland Scholarships
The scholarship is only for Indian students, so this can be a perfect option for the students, as the competition will be less as compared with the other scholarship where students from multiple countries apply for it. Courses covered are Masters in Bioprocess Engineering, Management, International Relations, and Computer Science. An amount of 10k Euros and a full tuition waiver is an award one can receive.
IOTI Postgraduate Scholarship
The scholarship is only for students who are looking to study either in eleven of the Institutes of Technologies particularly in Waterford, Athlone, Dun Laoghaire, Cork, Limerick, Institute of Technology Tralee, Carlow, Sligo, and Letterkenny. However, the amount is 6k Euros per annum and 2K Euros per annum and only for the students looking for research in either of the institutes.

USP of Ireland

English courses, globally recognized degrees, a wide range of the courses, affordable living expense as compared to other countries, well connected to UK and Europe, growing ICT industry, two years of stay back option, growing Asian community are some of the USP’s of the country, which really stands out with some lucrative offerings.

Top Universities in Ireland 2021