MBA in Australia v/s US– MBA is a master’s degree which one must know its demand to do. An individual must be clear with the thing that why he/she wants to do an MBA. The main thing is that what is the scope of the degree we are planning to pursue.

So, Here We Pit MBA in Australia v/s US

We are going to discuss everything about MBA in Australia v/s MBA in the US. The best part is that you can differentiate the concepts these two have used for a common degree. After looking at the article you can check which one is more suitable to you for the same.

These are the MBA specialization list from which you can opt for any as per the convenience of you and as per the interest but don’t forget to check that whether that specialization is having scope for the same or not?

Tuition fee:

With the context of studying MBA, Study in Australia includes the fees that are less than in the US.  The USA is somehow costlier than Australia.

For example: In Monash Business school you need to pay $48,069 for that same 2-year degree program but in Tuck school of business which is in the USA the fees are $66, 390. Again, this is a big example of fees that charges more in the context of an MBA.

Also Check:

Reason for high fees in the USA:  To study in US, the US provides many specializations to pick up from. And Australia gives some unconventional and contemporary courses so this is a big difference.

Eligibility: MBA in Australia v/s US

MBA in USA: To step in, an applicant must have completed 16 years of a prior study that includes your Higher secondary and college education and it also demands the work experience that after your graduation or masters if you have done in your home country.


MBA in Australia: A three-year bachelor’s degree is enough to make you eligible in Australia and some work experience is required for the same.

Here you can compare these two based on its eligibility.

This is how you can compare MBA in Australia v/s US.

Best ROI (Return on Investment): The average compensation of an MBA graduate in Australia is $86000.

The average compensation in the USA is just like at the very starting you will be earning around $180,183 approx. Look at the difference that matters the most in the context of salary and the returns you will be getting. This is as per the recent survey was done.

GMAT Scores:

In Australia, it hardly matters your GMAT score to take admission to the universities but in the context of the USA, you need to score more in GMAT around more than 700. So, this is the big difference between these two.

Australia B-schools which offer MBA without GMAT

B-school (Australia) Work experience (minimum)
Melbourne Business School 2 years
La Trobe Business School 3 years (managerial exp.)
UQ Business School 4 years (including 2-year managerial exp.)
Sydney Business School 3 years (both work and managerial exp.)

US B-schools which offer MBA without GMAT

University Work experience (average)
NYU Stern 14 years (9 years managerial)
The Kellogg-HKUST 14 years
UCLA – NUS 12 -19 years


So it entirely depends upon your choice that what region and place you want to go for because ultimately you will be pouring your efforts, money, resources and time. So whatever the place you choose to study either MBA in Australia or the USA, that must be having good returns for you after the completion of the study.

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