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How to Get The Best MBA Programs in Top Abroad Colleges

Best MBA programs in top Abroad Colleges- MBA is one of the most popular as well as demanding courses available in the modern day. Although it did not start off very early in most nations, the first MBA course can be dated back to 1908. The first Masters in Business administration course was started by Harvard Business School in the above stated year to find scientific approaches to management. The first MBA course offered in Europe was in the year 1957.

Over the years, as most nations got industrialised and there was a major emergence of the corporates, a spurt in the need for MBA graduates has been observed. It is said that in the next course of years, there is going to be a greater need for MBA graduates, not just to serve the corporates but with the growing startup culture in each country, MBA graduates will be desired and valued more than ever. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that getting an MBA can help you bag a great job in the near future.

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Getting Admission in best MBA programs:

The need for getting an MBA isspecified as follows:

  • Acquire managerial skills: An MBA course from a reputed university can help you acquire essential lifelong skills that can help you resolve the issue in your professional work life.
  • Enhance your network: The best part of the major universities is that they have a great alumni network, that allows you to build your professional network. This not only helps in placements but also provides great exposure.
  • Hike in salary: This is undoubtedly one of the major reasons for which most people pursue an MBA. The best part is you get easier access to managerial posts where there is an even greater prospect for growth.
  • Helps with start-ups: Even when you start your own business, you have access to the required skill sets for managing your firm. This allows you to have better control over your subordinates.

If you are thinking of getting admission in best MBA programmes in top foreign universities, then you need to focus on the following points.

1. Best foreign Universities to offer MBA programmes:

These are some of the reputed foreign universities that offer a great education, support facility, research options and placements. Some of the best colleges are:

  • INSEAD: This is the oldest school in Europe to offer MBA course. Over the years it has reached great heights and is presently ranked as the top MBA college.
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business: This is one of the best American universities to offer an MBA programme.
  • Harvard Business School: Often referred to as one of the oldest and the best.
  • University of Pennsylvania, Wharton: The business school: Wharton School of Business, is a school of great esteem and offers great placements.
  • London Business School: This is referred to as one of the best business schools in the UK as well as abroad.
  • University of Cambridge: This again falls under the same league of premier institutions that take in the best and offer the best.

2. Preparation for GMAT:

There are several coachings available which can guide you for the entrance examination. One should aim for higher scores in GMAT as it helps in getting into premier institutes. The exam is a computer-based adaptive test and therefore one individual gets one question at a time and depending upon the response made, the difficulty of the next question increases or decreases. The top tier universities require a score above 710 while mid-tier universities require a mediocre 600 score.

3. MBA essay:

After getting the required scores one can get into their desired colleges. But for that, you are expected to write great MBA essays to prove your written ability. Therefore, by writing more than 15 essays or more, you can prepare for the next stages. It is preferred that the individuals refer to part examples for colleges and prepare accordingly.

4. MBA recommendation:

Most of the reputed colleges try to assure that the individuals going in for their course are of the desired quality. These require Letters of Recommendations from your previous colleges or employers, as an assurance to your genuinity and quality. The designation of the individual referring you is not important as it must be from a relevant source that can vouch for you.

5. MBA Interview:

Interviews are the most part for getting admission into any of the decent MBA colleges. Therefore, one should prepare properly and brush up their core subjects to prepare well for the interviews.

6. Admission offer letter:

This is the final step for getting admitted into any college. Here the individual receives the offer of admission from the college. On accepting the offer, one can get into their selected institution for further studies.

From the above-stated points, one can figure out what are the to-dos to get admission in the best MBA programs. How to prepare, plan and execute accordingly.

Good Luck!

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