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Study MBA Abroad for Indian Students: General or specialized

Want to study MBA abroad – There was a time when graduation was enough to get a good and respected job. People will argue that even today most of the government and private jobs only need a graduation degree, but you will agree that if someone aspires to enter a good job profile in the corporate sector with an attractive salary package, then post-graduation is a must. Even if there are a lot of post-graduation courses available, MBA stands out of the crowd.


The major reason is it’s universally accepted nature. Students from different backgrounds like Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, and Vocational can even join this course, unlike most of the other specialized master’s programs. The only thing they need is a graduation degree. These days most students prefer to study MBA abroad.

What is the benefit of study MBA abroad

There are a lot of opportunities for those who study an MBA abroad. First of all, the master’s course is a professional course. The more experience and exposure you get, it will be more beneficial for you. And a reputed institution in a foreign land on an average gives a better opportunity to learn.

The salary earned by an MBA graduate from a reputed foreign b-school is significantly higher than that of Indian MBA colleges.

Reputed companies directly recruit from the college itself. And you have an opportunity to be hired for a senior management position at a renowned company.

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The exposure will help you to develop a broad and sophisticated worldview and can diversify your perspectives. This will help you to work in any real-life working condition.

The course curriculum in overseas education is based on practical knowledge and according to the need of the industry. One can apply his knowledge directly in the work itself, unlike the Indian education system.

The infrastructure, resources, and job opportunities are remarkably better as compared to its counterparts, so study MBA abroad becomes an easy choice for the Indian student community.

Most of the working professionals get limited time for study leaves, so one-year MBA programs abroad provide an excellent opportunity to complete their master’s in less time.

Money is one aspect where Indian college feels you better. But the equation is changing quite rapidly. Attractive MBA scholarships for Indian students given by overseas universities can solve your problem to an extent. As well as that various banks are also taking the initiative by giving study loans to students and helping them to fulfill their dream.

In most developed countries, students generally engaged themselves in part-time work to earn their bread and butter. The minimum wage per hour is higher than that of India. As a result, students can earn a decent amount of money to carry out their expenses.

Study MBA Abroad – General MBA vs Specialized MBA

If you are interested in study MBA abroad, then you might find it difficult to choose between a general MBA and a specialized MBA. General MBA gives an overview of different fields, whereas the specialized MBA, as the name suggests, focuses on a particular industry. General MBA makes you jack of all, and a specialized MBA makes you a master of one. In the past, most of the universities were offering a general MBA, but in recent times the demand for specialized MBA increased like never before. Specialist MBA is preferred in fields like Banking, Finance, etc. Whereas traditional work like HR, accounting needs a general MBA.

Like a coin, everything has two sides, and they all have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Strength of General MBA

  • It gives an overview of all the subjects and ensures holistic learning.
  • You are eligible for various job sectors. It provides a broad opportunity for employment.
  • It ensures a wider knowledge base, and one can shift among different sectors.

The Weaknesses of the General MBA

  • Most students lack in-depth knowledge about a particular sector.
  • At the beginning of a career, one has to depend on the institution for specialized training.

Strength of specialized MBA

  • It provides in-depth knowledge about one’s field.
  • Certain about future career prospects and they know what to expect.
  • As the specialization has already done, one can focus on the career path.

The weakness of specialized MBA

  • Knowledge is limited to only one field.
  • Can’t change the field according to future demand.
  • Limited options.
  • A wrong decision while choosing the subject can affect your job career.

Finally, it’s up to the individuals to choose between the two, according to one’s strength.

It is always recommended to take the help of the best MBA admission consultant for study abroad to clarify your doubts. Otherwise, you might regret your decision in the future.

A great many students are now taking an interest in study MBA abroad due to better career growth, unlimited opportunities, better infrastructure, and most importantly, to stand out of the crowd. Even in India, there is a great demand for foreign degree holders, and that may be the reason behind students are taking an interest in study abroad MBA programs.

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