Required GRE Scores for Top Canada Colleges/ Universities- GRE Cut Off Marks

Required GRE Scores for Canada Colleges- To get admission in top Canadian Colleges/ Universities, you must obtain required GRE Score or GRE Cut off marks. (GRE) Graduate Record Examination and Test of English speaking ability as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are the most basic exams needs to be cleared by the applicant in order to get admission in the foreign universities. Graduate Records Examinations (GRE) is an important examination has to be cleared to make it worth in the education system. It is holding importance for graduate courses in English. On the basis of the scores on the entrance exams that the top universities of the world take the students in different courses on the eligibility and the requirements.

List of UK and Canada 2024 Scholarships for Indian Students

2024 Scholarships for Indian Students: Exploring new ideas and innovation are two key aspects of higher education. However, due to a lack of infrastructure and opportunity in most Indian universities, students are opting to go abroad for their higher study. In the recent past, the United States emerged as the preferred destination for Indian scholars, but the “America First” policy of President Trump forced the students to think twice, at least.

Application Deadlines for January 2024 Intake in Canada

Deadlines for January 2024 Intake- Whenever applying for study abroad we need to check out the deadlines and procedures to be followed so that we will not lag behind in any way. It is important to know the admission deadlines for January 2024 intake in Canada. It is important to look and explore at every step whichever comes to your way and looking for the universities from the best possible manner so that you will not be getting any issue regarding your applied application.

How to Study in Canada without IELTS

Studying abroad is always one of the major aspirations of the students, but it is always important or the candidates to do the IELTS at first. Many universities offer to study in Canada without IELTS. The IELTS stands for the International English language Testing System is the popular test of the high-stake of English Language proficiency, which is necessary for studying in abroad, work and migration. You can choose your preference and can appear test on paper or computer according to your convenience. Here is a guide that can help you know the ways with which you can study abroad without passing the IELTS.

Top 10 Best Programs to Study in Canada for Students

The international students are more driven to Canada because of formulated schemes of immigration and post-study work (PGWPP). If you want to study in Canada local degree and local experience makes it more sorted to get jobs and settle down in Canada. Read on to find your ten best programs in Canada, if you are an ideal student.