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List of UK and Canada 2024 Scholarships for Indian Students

2024 Scholarships for Indian Students: Exploring new ideas and innovation are two key aspects of higher education. However, due to a lack of infrastructure and opportunity in most Indian universities, students are opting to go abroad for their higher study. In the recent past, the United States emerged as the preferred destination for Indian scholars, but the “America First” policy of President Trump forced the students to think twice, at least.

Some of the other alternatives are looking more attractive than that of the USA. If two countries stand out of the crowd are the UK and Canada. In addition to that, most of the universities are offering scholarships for Indian Students in 2024.

Why Provided Scholarships for Indian Students in 2024?

Indian student community represents a large share of most of the reputed global institutions. Due to a large student population and issues like brain drain, Reservation, and other internal hurdles, these days students are opting to go abroad for better career opportunities. The number also indicates the same here.

According to a study conducted by UNESCO, between the years 1999 to 2006, the number of Indian students studying abroad increased by 163%, and by 2013 around 1,83,000 students are studying outside India, which is a huge number. So the respective countries are providing an attractive package of scholarships for Indian students in 2024 to attract them to that particular country. As you are all aware that studying abroad costs a huge sum of money, so these scholarships are becoming an important aspect of choosing an institution to study abroad.

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Why do the Sub-Continent Students are Choosing the UK and Canada for Higher Studies?

Both the UK and Canada are developed nations and known for the appealing lifestyle. So students are attracted to these countries to maintain a lavish lifestyle and enjoy their education abroad.

The presence of a large Indian community in the UK and Sikh community in Canada gives the candidate much-needed confidence in selecting their destination to study abroad. The people-to-people relationship is another point that needs to be highlighted. Unlike the USA and Australia, people in the UK and Canada are quite supportive, which gives a friendly environment to study for the students.

India is emerging as a world leader, and fortunately, the diplomatic relation between India and these countries are better than ever. So, a study in Canada and the UK ensures the safety and easy return to India, at any given moment.

The respective countries are putting a lot of effort to promote higher studies for sub-continent students. They are not only providing scholarships for Indian students in 2024 but also shortened the procedure to obtain a UK student visa.

What are the Numbers Suggesting?

According to statistics, in Canada, there was a sharp increase in the population of international students to 98% between 2008-2015, and among them 14%, (around 3,53,000) were Indian. Expert says the quality of education and affordable cost is the major reason behind such growth in number. In the last year, 1,72,000 Indian students were admitted and made India as the leading student sending the market for Canada surpassing China.

But the number tells a different story for the UK. In 2010-11, the number of Indian students was 39,090, but the number decreased significantly to 16,500 by 2016-17. For the first time in recent history, the number is on the upswing. In the year 2017-18, it stands around 19,700, and the reason is Brexit.

The relationship between the UK and other Europian nations is going through a rough phase after the Brexit. So the UK is targeting countries like India and China to maintain its foreign reserves. That means, shortly, you can see a lot more opportunities and scholarships for Indian students in 2024.

In a recent report, it was revealed that England stands 3rd in the best place to work ranking just after Australia and the USA. For students, this allows getting a good job after completion of their study.

Education Culture

England and Canada are a prominent destination for students going abroad. Around 4,00,000 international students come only to the UK for higher study, every year. The universities are also known for their diverse study program in various internationally recognized courses. One can choose his topic of interest from around 10,000 different programs for his/her higher study in UK and out of them, 6511 are master of Science(MS) programs. They also train the students for their future career prospects in internationally renounced multinational companies.

Future perspectives

Some Canadian universities are offering a scholarship between 40,000-50,000 CAD and in some cases even more than that. Some institutions are giving some extra scholarships for Indian students in 2024. The scholarship covers tuition expenses and some other expenses as well, and it can be renewed if you get the desired result in the previous year/term.

MS has a great future ahead, and most of the engineers, science graduates and research scholars are preferring to have an MS degree in their resume. MS in UK or MS in Canada can allow you to stay ahead of the rest in the already crowded market. And the easy to get scholarships for Indian students makes it a real deal.

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