Studying abroad is always one of the major aspirations of the students, but it is always important or the candidates to do the IELTS at first. Many universities offer to study in Canada without IELTS. The IELTS stands for the International English language Testing System is the popular test of the high-stake of English Language proficiency, which is necessary for studying in abroad, work and migration. You can choose your preference and can appear test on paper or computer according to your convenience. Here is a guide that can help you know the ways with which you can study abroad without passing the IELTS.

Find a University or a College to Study in Canada without IELTS

The first step towards studying in Canada is finding out the best University. You must have to make users that they take the admission without IELTS. Here are some of the universities mentioned in this corner that can help you have an idea about them. Some of the institutes are the University of Concordia, University of Winnipeg, Regina University, Memorial University, Brock University, Cambrian College, Okanagan College, etc. These are some of the institutions where campus admissions can be made. At times the University requires to know the proficiency of language and thus, they look for IELTS. But these universities do not show IELTS. MS in Canada can also be done in these universities.

What is the proficiency letter of English?

The proficiency letter of English is required for the exemption of IELTS. This is a letter that is to be issued from the college or the University from where you have studied previously. In the letter, you will have to prove that the university was an English medium. If the letter is received the educational institution where you have applied for further study, then you will be able to continue to study in Canada without IELTS. If you require to get admissions without having to do IELTS is not much of an issue. The only thing that is to be done is to apply for a Canadian student visa after passing 12th grade. Thus, in this manner, they will be eligible to continue their further to pursue study in Canada after 12th grade.

What are the benefits of IELTS?

The benefits of choosing to study in Canada without IELTS can just not be counted. The dawn of enhanced communication due to the internet has offered grand changes in all the walks of life. Distant studying trends are now popular in Canada. This helps in getting a graduation degree, a master degree like an MBA in Canada, or any sort of degree representing the profession with ease. The student is in Canada of great help to the students seeking distance education in Canada.

The ways students are assisted help them getting degrees with ease. The capabilities of the students are enhanced. Job and study simultaneously lead to their transformation. The opportunities in Canada are numerous. This is also a change for the students to settle in Canada permanently. The quality of education is nice. One can even find scholarships to study in Canada. The scholarships are for the international students which can help in the origination of the private funding for studying abroad.

One of the most important advantages that students can avail is the expert help

Distance Learning program without IELTS

One of the most important advantages to study in Canada without IELTS is distance learning programs. If a candidate applies in the universities, then he can definitely get the Canadian student Visa. Online learning can be of great help while choosing the best programs to study in Canada. The University extend every possible help to do the courses. The learners can enhance their skills so that a better future can be claimed ahead. The effective sources of learning can shape up the skills. The students can even get their certificate at the time they require.

Answers to the queries

You might have many questions popping up right now. Here are answers to a few of the frequently asked question.

  1. Question: Can someone pursue studies in Canada without IELTS after matriculation?

Yes, any students want to study in Canada without IELTS after matriculation. They can complete their studies until grade-12. This can give you the eligibility to get admission. You will have to take a custodian mandatorily to study without IELTS. There is also a legal agreement that is to be made between parents and someone back in Canada. Before the 12th, a custodian has to be there in Canada.

  1. Question: Can Pakistani students have scholarships?

Yes, scholarships can be found with ease for Pakistani students. Each University opts for different methods. Following the process, you can study in Canada. Thus, scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students and Pakistani students can also be easily availed.

Thus, in this way, one can study abroad. There can be nothing better than that of a study visa. Go through all the pointers which are enlisted above and get to study abroad without passing IELTS. Many universities allow studying in Canada without IELTS. Consider the guide to study abroad without having to do IELTS easily.

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