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One-Year Executive MBA Courses in USA to Boost Your Career

MBA Courses: With such competition all around, higher education and work experience are the keys to opening the doors of success.  At times like these, a degree like a graduation or higher secondary degree holds very little significance, as most highly educated people are still struggling for success.

People with several degrees are still sitting for interviews trying to gain experience. With all these struggles people are preferring to study abroad, people still taking chances on working and studying abroad. With the help of various scholarships and training programs, students can easily get into one of these institutions.

Studying in the USA has gained a lot of craze lately, with the various number of courses for higher education including MBA courses people are drifting towards the culture of study abroad. One of the major benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn new things, also by experiences while getting knowledge on the new culture there. There are many demerits like language barriers, monetary issues, food difference

In most countries, MBA courses are offered for 2 years, whereas many MBA study abroad programs offer the 1-year executive program, whereby the same course along with the degree is provided in 1 year. Top US business schools like Duke and other business schools offer various MBA education.

These 1-year executive courses provide the same MBA credentials at a lower cost also by saving huge time.  The salaries offered are also almost the same as the ones offered after 2-year traditional programs. The opportunity cost of saving 1 long year and getting the same credentials is huge. This also saves a lot of time as well as money.

This 1-year MBA is a very advanced program that is designed for students who desire a greater understanding of business management. Completing this course, the students might get a plus point and this may give jobseekers a competitive advantage in the marketplace, there are various universities providing scholarships based on merit.

Various institutions provide MBA study in the USA which is affordable and easier to get through.

Top 5 Institutes to MBA Courses in the USA

  1. Hult International Business School (Global One Year MBA)

Hult International Business School, available in Boston USA, San Francisco USA. This provides full-time campus courses in English. The last date to apply is 28th July 2024. It diversifies the knowledge and takes you across the globe.

This enhances the knowledge and opens a path, it develops a lot more skills that can add value like Tackling teamwork, technological knowledge. The entry requirement is a Bachelor’s degree, 3 or more years of work experience, proficiency in the end.

You can even get a number of merit-based scholarships like social impact scholarships, Global Professional Scholarship. Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship, Senior Leaders Scholarship, etc. The MBA in the USA program follows the same kind of structure having 4 modules.

This also helps you to choose your own elective course, it’s like your degree, your choice. The program Tuition fees are 79,800$/year, also other student-related costs are approx. to around, 3430 USD.

  1. Emory Goizueta Business School

Based in Atlanta USA, Goizueta is in the top 20 MBA programs offering world-class programs as well as small by design. This business school provides world-class business education, an intimate learning environment, and a dynamic global city experience.

This provides Full academic experience alongside critical problem-solving skills ensuring immense global exposure. The basic requirement to get into this is an undergraduate degree typically in business, economics, etc, along with 2 years of full-time work experience. The last day to apply is March 8th.

MBA course in USA
  1. Nova SouthEastern University

Located in Fort Lauderdale USA, it provides 1 year MBA in the USA part-time, available to start from August with an approximate cost of $1,203 per credit hour, with around 30 credit hours to cover.

Minimum requiring a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited US institution or any other similar institution with a minimum 3.50 scale on 4.00 scale.

  1. Bryant University Graduate

Located in Smithfield USA, providing full-time courses from August to August. They also provide experience by Global Immersion through traveling abroad to China, Panama for international Film projects. They need a TOEFL score, GMAT official score, resume, and a faculty recommendation. Tuition fees of USD 1118/ credit and a lot of experience to deal with.

  1. The University of Findlay.

Located in Findlay USA, providing MBA in the USA in English, providing on campus as well as online, part-time and full-time courses of USD 665/credit, they help you to choose through CMA track, CPA track, organizational management, health care management, hospitality management, and public administration.

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