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How to Prepare for The PTE Academic Test in 2024

Getting the score you need on an English test is not always simple, mainly if you don’t take the chance to practice. Even if your level of English knowledge is strong, you can still be confused by the topics that are asked and have trouble managing your time or execution during a test. This is why we have designed a pattern on how to prepare for the PTE Academic test.

Below, you will discover helpful resources, tips, and tricks, which will assist you to excel when taking the PTE exam.

Discover What PTE Academic Score You Require

PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic does not have a pass or fail grade – it provides you a score based on your acknowledgments. Each migration department, university, or employer has several minimum admission scores. The most popular ones are 50, 65, or 79.

Understanding what minimum score you require is essential, as it defines how much effort should be used to prepare for the test. It is a lot harder to get a 79+ result than to get 65, so this is an exceptional origin for your arrangement strategy. Of course, the amount of work you will have to put in also depends on your English level when you begin preparing for the exam.

Get intimate with the PTE Academic test form

The simple initial step when developing any test is exploring and understanding its composition or format. For PTE Academic test, there are three main sections:

  • Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 minutes)
  • Reading (32 – 40 minutes)
  • Listening (45 – 57 minutes)

Check Out PTE Academic Preparation Resources

You will require to know more before you are ready to take the test, so here are all the materials you require to prepare:

Resources about the test format

  • The free official PTE Academic test Practice App incorporates a significant study planner that gives personalized content according to your time for study.
  •  Score Guide – learn how each task is calculated and analyze your results to other English language tests.
  • Introduction to PTE Academic test” is a free short course that gives video guidance on beginning each test type.

Resources for learning and practice

When you are available to jump in to create learning and practice, the PTE Academic test gives a range of official, trusted, high quality, digital resources that are bundled collectively to save you time and money, and provide you effectively for your test:

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic test is available in ebook or textbook format. It includes expert advice-giving tips, strategies, and a range of extra digital training and learning resources.
  •  PTE Academic Test Question Bank is an accessible digital application that covers 300 questions, sample answers, and tips, all organized around the task types
  •  PTE Academic Test English Booster – A digital app with 100 hours of content that consists of a broad range of self-study activities and practice questions specially created for students new to the PTE exam.

Resources to use when you’re close to taking the exam

Finally, we support all learners, whatever their time or budget, to take a Scored Practice Test—the Scored Practice Tests (usually on the same day).

  • Scored Practice Tests – your appearance by replicating the test format/timing, followed by the test scoring engine, and giving a Score Report at the end. 
  • Test Taker Handbook – important information about what you should know before taking the test, including what to anticipate on test day and conditions.

See how others prepared for PTE Academic.

You can explore online and see what former PTE Academic test takers have to say. They might share essential tips about how to prepare, what difficulties are worth knowing about, and so on.

Quora and Medium are excellent starting places, and so is YouTube. Remember to take the views of others with a grain of salt, however. Some are important, others are too warm, and some may be entirely off-point. Only take what’s useful and mix it into your practice schedule.

Final Word: 

These are some tips to prepare for the PTE Academic test in 2024. However, if you want more information about the IELTS or PTEcontact SOPEDITS now; they will help you. 

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