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IELTS or PTE- Which English Test is Easy for Students?

Confused about which exam to appear IELTS Or PTE? What you will have to first do is get a brief idea about the two exams. IELTS exam is a test to measure English language proficiency. This exam is taken to access the individual’s ability in four different sections which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and this is done in two methods – Academic and General. The students who want to get higher education from abroad are asked to appear for this examination in the Academic training Section and the General training IELTS is meant for those who wish to migrate to international countries for their further work experience or the ones who want to work internationally.

Which English Proficiency Test is Easier: IELTS or PTE?

PTE is a computer-based exam where you are provided with a computer in front of you and a speaker to answer the questions asked by the examiner. This is supposed to be the most important difference between the two exams that every student searching for IELTS or PTE should learn. PTE exam is asked to be completed within 3 hours whereas IELTS exam is for 2 hours. PTE stands for Pearson test of English. This exam has a fair and consistent marking scheme especially in the speaking and writing section whereas in other exams people struggle to score marks.

Here are few basic differences between IELTS and PTE that can help a student decide which one to choose from.

The Test Version That Both Exams Follow

A brief introduction about the two examinations has already been given and from there it is clear that both the test have common Academic and General version but the main difference between the IELTS and PTE that make them completely different from each other is the additional version that PTE has i.e. the Young learners test taken by PTE. As already discussed The common pattern between the two is the academic and general version where academic is for the students who wish to study in renowned universities abroad and general training is to test a student’s communication skills. But the Young learner’s test is to examine a student’s English grammar efficiency.

Structure Of Both The Test

The IELTS and the PTE exam is similar in many sections i.e. both of them have the same reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections but apart from these similarities there are many aspects which makes them different from each other.

For Example-In IELTS the writing section consists of 1 graph and one essay or 1 letter and 1 essay, either of the two. Whereas PTE writing exam consists of two single sentence summary and 1 essay or 1 single sentence summary and 2 essays. In IELTS exams every student has to make live communications whereas in PTE the students have to give computer-based exams. Hence PTE has an innovative test pattern and students who take up PTE exams are free from live communication fears. In IELTS students get 4-5 long questions and in PTE there are many short questions that need to be completed in a short time, which makes it a little easier. Hence in the IELTS vs. PTE run PTE gain the most popularity.

IELTS Or PTE Exam? Which Is More Scoring?

Well, when this question is asked it very obvious that PTE has a much easier marking scheme than IELTS and results for PTE exams come within a short period of time i.e PTE exams come within 3 days after the examination whereas the IELTS exams take around about 13 days to publish the results. This makes the PTE exam much more superior than IELTS.

When we talk about the PTE VS IELTS Score band it is such that PTE has an automatic scoring system and it grades a student within a band of 10-90 whereas in IELTS exam a student is graded within a band of 0-9 and this is completely manual. When we talk about PTE VS IELTS Score, PTE is much easier to score.

Location of the test

In the PTE VS IELTS run PTE exams have always been superior but here is a twist that will make you think twice. IELTS exams are taken in 130 countries and it has about 900 centers on the other hand PTE exam is conducted in 50 countries.

The information’s entire is listed above about the two exams and in the PTE VS IELTS run PTE wins the race.

Here are the score comparison charts for IELTS and PTE.

VERY GOOD8.583-85
VERY GOOD8110-114

For further queries on IELTS or PTE, feel free to write in the comment section below.

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