For almost every student, it is a dream to study abroad and that too in the best country offering the best services possible. One country where one always dreams of studying in Australia. There are a few things that a student should be well –researched on if he or she is planning on studying in Australia. As obvious as it sounds, you cannot enter Australia without a valid visa. The process to apply for it is available online and is not difficult at all. There are many other ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ that are to be known before studying in Australia which will be discussed below.

Studying in Australia: What to Know Before You Go

It would be necessary to get health insurance if one is going to studying in Australia. Sometimes it is included in the program chosen by you and in case of direct enrollment; it has to be especially be done. The colleges and universities in Australia are spread over from the marine side to the city side, and it is the choice of the student to opt for what they find comfort in.

The list of top colleges in Australia includes Stanley College, Perth International College, Queen College Sydney, Melbourne City College, Brisbane College of Australia and many more. While, the list of top universities in Australia include the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, Monash University and many other popular ones. One can also pursue a master’s in Australia and the list of master colleges in Australia include the University of Melbourne, Australia National University, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia and so many more. MS in Australia is also selected by many students. The universities in Australia offer the best academic programs as well as specially crafted co-curricular programs.

Many international students come to Australia especially to pursue MBA in Australia. The MBA admission requirements in Australia require the student to appear for GMAT. A decent GMAT score decides the entry to a university for a student. Many Australian universities have criteria set up for the incoming students to have a 3 to 4 years bachelor degree with a score of at least 60%. Some universities in Australia require work experience in the managerial department.

The students are required to meet the English language competence requirement as set by the university. The students are needed to prepare a solid personal statement which makes their selection chances brighter as compared to others. The tuition fees for studying in Australia initiates at around $20,000 (Australian dollars) per annum. The average fees for international students come to be over $30,000 (Australian dollars).

The students should not get freaked out by the reverse grading system of some universities and colleges in Australia. For instance, the grade ‘D’ is rather really good as it connotes ‘distinction’ while the grade ‘C’ is the abbreviation for ‘credit’.

The above facts were related to the Australian education system, procedure, and requirements in order to get admission in a renowned university or college. It is also to be kept in mind that the weather in Australia can be a little complicated to understand. This continent has a ‘cold’ summer and a ‘hot’ winter as compared to how the standard weather works. The students who are planning to study in the big cities of Australia should be aware that it can get extremely cold and they should be packed accordingly.

Naturally, when one is Studying in Australia, they can explore a lot near and close by but one should not expect to see the entire continent. It should not be a surprise to anyone but Australia is an extremely huge continent. The students who are fond of animals can admire a vast range of fauna here, from kangaroos to penguins. It is advisable to research and do a thorough check about the country and all the places nearby.

The students should be well- researched about the rules and regulations in the country in order to avoid any penalty against them. As a student, you would want to invest your time in a part-time job or an internship to earn some money to meet your expenditures. The Aussie study visa permits the student to work a certain amount of hours each week. The Oz wages are known to be high which might be a very good option for the student.

The student life in another country is always a special one and with this experience, being carried out in Australia is undoubtedly extraordinary. It is the ultimate place for an international student to get the best education and academic services and at the same time, the best job opportunities at high wages. Down Under will never fail to disappoint any student as it offers the best of everything!

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