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Complete List of Best German Universities Accepting IELTS Score

Germany is the dreamland for the students when it comes to continuing the academics. It is a European country and is renowned for the courses of Engineering. Most importantly, this is known for automotive courses. Getting admission in the German Universities is not a matter of ease. There is always a price tag for everything. Nothing can be availed for free over there. If we talk of the climate, then it is nice enough for the students to study. Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world. Here is a guide for the readers with the help of which they can gather valuable information about the German colleges and Universities. Following are the list of German Universities accepting IELTS Score as the eligibility criteria.

Universities Accepting IELTS Score in Germany:

  • RWTH Aachen:

This University was established in the year 1870. It is an open research University. The first classes of the University have taken in the year of its establishment with 223 students and 32 faculty members. The campus has extended itself within a land of 620 acres. About 7000 students in approx. Are enrolled in the graduate programs. This is one of the most reputed colleges amongst all the other German colleges accepting IELTS Score.

  • TU Berlin:

The Technical University of Berlin is one of the renowned German Universities accepting IELTS Score. It was founded in the year 1879, and a few years later it was recognized as a distinguished educational service provider. This is popular in the engineering program it houses. There are approximately 6455 members.

  • TU Braunschweig:

This University was established in the year 1745 and is one of the oldest German Universities accepting IELTS Score. This is a traditional home to have a clear profile in research. The University also cooperated all the other inferior institution for having quality teaching and learning process. It is a pioneer in the economy, education, and science fields. Some of the courses which are extended by the institution are MS. BE, BSc and all others.

  • TU Darmstadt:

The technical University Darmstadt was established in the year 1877. It is an open research University and is one of the German Universities accepting IELTS Score. The University is majorly linked with the field of Engineering. The college is extended over 600 acres of land. The campus is set in the centre of the city.

  • TU Dresden:

TU Dresden is the home to academic excellence and is one of the German Universities accepting IELTS Score. The education centres science, education, and humanities. The professional experts of all the fields are included in the faculty of the institute.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria are set quite high for the students to get admissions in the colleges. A student has to score above 90% for the UG courses to get admission in the college. The student must complete a year of bachelor study, or he or she must have applied for IIT or Fa examination. For proving their efficiency, they will have to show their IELTS test score or TOEFL scores.

For the PG courses or MBA in Germany, students are expected to secure 70-75% from a recognized university previously. This is a must to be eligible to take admission.

IELTS is also a major criterion. The international courses are taught in English. Thus, the specific proof is required so that the German Universities accepting IELTS Score can know the proficiency of the student in English. One can even continue with MS in Germany.

Fee and living cost

In most of the universities, the education fee is not imposed. But if at all the fees are imposed, then they might be ranging from 140-150 Euros. This fee is charged for the utilization of lab, libraries, and all the other facilities that are extended to the students within the premises for their convenience.

Application procedure

The admission process is held twice a year. The first one is held around September to Octobers, whereas the other one is on the march to April. Admission in Germany takes compete nine months for a student to plan the shift. Thus, the deadline that is given to the students getting their admissions in September to October is 15th Jan, whereas the same for the students getting admissions in March and April is 15th July. Thus, an early application is the utmost requirement to study in Germany. The process takes 3-4 months. Another point to be kept in mind is all the documents must be sent by the students at one go so that the last-minute issues can be avoided.

Hence, you might have gathered information enough to have a vivid understanding of the procedure of admission and the universities that take in IELTS scores as an eligibility hurdle. This is always recommended that research well before choosing a University. One can even choose to visit the official website of the college so that detailed information can be gathered.

This has a direct impact on your career ahead and thus, take a thoughtful decision. German colleges are the best for academics, and the range of opportunities are also broadened. They offer a scholarship to study in Germany. Thus, choosing these institutions offer a lot of advantages to the students shortly.

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