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MS in US Vs MS in UK: Which is the Best Destination for Study?

Study MS in US vs UK: Are you one of the students seeking for the answer of “Which is the best study destination for Masters Degree?”, If you are one of them then this is a good news for you that your answer is available here. In order to state comparison between MS in UK vs MS in the US, one needs to demarks the difference by putting it on various parameters such as time period, cost of living, visa tenure and procedure, eligibility and requirements, etc.

MS in US Vs UK: Choose your Best Study Destination-

Masters in USA and Masters in the UK both provide a high level of education and have top 10 universities existence which has rankings in QS WORLD RANKINGS IN 2018.

Following parameters will underline the demarcations between study Masters in USA and Masters in the UK

1. Level of Education-

In USA, the students get the level of education which is based on practical learning where one is not having a narrow knowledge over a specific field of interest whereas, in the UK, they will get the specific area of interest to excel and grasp intellect over the other dimensions of specialisations dealt in the job role.Moreover, there is a regress and flexible nature of the study.

2. Eligibility-

In USA, the minimum education needed of 16 years of education for enrolling into masters, whereas in the UK, it is compulsory to have 1 year of work-experience at least for masters, and must have 15-16 yrs of education, which is must for a student to enrol into masters programme.

3. Cost of living-

The cost of living in USA costs higher as compared to the UK, since UK gives master for one year which includes lesser tuition fees, living expenses etc, whereas in the USA masters are for 2 years which includes the higher amount of fees in case of tuition and living expenditure.

Though in the USA, credits provide a benefit to the students since they can pay the fees in term of credits which acts as a privilege.

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In UK,  one can give IELTS/TOEFL to test communication skills, and there is no compulsion for GRE in that case, but in the USA it is mandatory to have GMAT/GRE  with a good score, moreover, IELTS required with 6 or 6.5  bands, lesser than this is not greeted for the further process.

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5. Visa Process-

In case of UK  there is a flexible process in visa access and one can easily grab the visa for ensuring masters from the UK, due to the simplified procedure whereas, in the USA, there is an unduly complex and stringent process which, makes this task competitive.

6. Employment Opportunities-

If one talks about the employment opportunities then the parameter on which it depends is the stay back option. In UK maximum stay back is given for 4 months, and many few universities provide the option for 6 months in case of stay back and hence chances for a job will be lessened. Although, in case of USA, one year stay back is allowed, hence ample of opportunities will be given to students and chances of getting a job will be more though work- permit do not get easily in case of USA.

On the above comparative analysis, it is better to distinguish between UK AND USA, in order to know the value results in case of research which makes the masters advanced programme prominent and involves flexibility and in-depth study which is better studied in the USA due to 2 years span of time. MS of USA has a stronger research component as compared to the UK due to feasibility and time span and nature of education.  

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