Study MBA in US vs UK- Are you one of the candidates looking for the answer of “Where should I study for my MBA, US or UK?“. You just landed on the right platform if your answer is yes. To study MBA from abroad, one can personify different attributes and can judge the best destination to attain their master’s degree, whether from US or UK.

USA and UK are the two countries which have sets standard for the higher education system and provides a gateway to all the students internationally with lump sum opportunities.

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Study MBA in US vs UK: Which is the best place to study an MBA-

Several parameters will assist us to judge whether MBA in US or MBA in UK is better by providing a comparative analysis-

  1. World Ranking and education system are one of the important indicators which sheds to be one of the reasons whether study MBA in US or in UK which is more valuable. The QS World University Rankings will decide whether Study in the US or UL is more fruitful. Moreover, the number of universities ranked in the QS World University Rankings will give us a bird’s eye view in order to choose the best destination for higher education.

While seeing the comparison under the UN statistics charter, the number of top 10 universities registered under these rankings are more of US rather than of UK, hence study MBA from USA is more reliable in terms of quality higher education, excellent research facilities, and a culture that promotes intellectualism.

2. Eligibility criteria- is the other parameter to demarks whether study MBA from US or Study from the UK. The eligibility criteria varied for different colleges hence one needs to check it accordingly. UK colleges accept 3 years of graduation with 680-690 score in GMAT whereas it should be complemented with 2-4 years of work experience in order to enrol oneself in the postgraduate program. The colleges in UK waivered IELTS or TOEFL and it is not a very crucial parameter catered under the eligibility list.

In case of US one needs to have 4 years of graduation with 720-730 score in GMAT with 3-6 years of work experience. In USA IELTS or TOEFL is important and sets to be under the eligibility criteria for enrolling into MBA programme.    

3. Job Prospects – In order to check the future prospects after doing MBA from USA or UK , this is considered the other important parameter which can be helpful in judging from where one should pursue MBA.

The job prospects or employment opportunities will be higher if one does from USA rather than study MBA from UK and grab for employment after that, due to the advancement in research methodology which provides more research centres in USA as compared to UK.

Moreover, UK provides work permit maximum for 2 years whereas USA provides easy accessibility to work permit.

4. Style of Education – The style of education in US differs from UK since USA offers varied, liberal arts and study out from the major subjects as opted which gives them more applied learning and make them more intellect with good and greater career options.

Comparatively in UK, one needs to have strictly stick to the classroom teaching without having a much practical approach which bridges the gap while pursuing postgraduate especially programme related to entrepreneurship and managerial skills.

 5. Cost of living- The cost of living is the other parameter which is catered under the selection of colleges for MBA or for study in abroad. Students are adhering for economical but with a quality education.In UK there are some colleges which are giving MBA for one year, which involves lower cost since one year course fees, tuition fees and accommodation cost one need not to bear. In UK the work permit is for 2 years which is restricted but in regard to the cost of living it is economical than USA.

Moreover,  USA is also the  best option to go for, in terms of employment we talk about since unconditional employment, though to search for job is not easy but still there is no time boundation. But in terms of cost of living USA fees can go up to 1 crore, but in UK it would be

under 60 Lakhs, which is an effective option for the students.

Now the decision of the student for study in abroad for MBA depends on the priority of the students as per their preference since every student can rate the variables as per their preference scale and significance level.

Education in USA is more practical based and students are preferred to choose various elective courses too, and get the opportunity to choose out of the subject area which makes them more globally renowned and pro active whereas education in UK is narrow-based and they are not working on the breadth of learning rather than they are streamlined them to a particular area of subject which makes them more tend to classroom teachings and focus on depth-in-study.

Visa Process is the other parameter which can be one of the reasons to underline the option between MBA IN UK OR MBA IN US, since it is the major factor to reach their, the visa requirements are tough and lot of energy and time can be wasted in case of US since it is not easy to grab it due to the stringent process.

In case of UK, one can easily apply for it, since the process of vis and application process is quite easy and streamlined and providing benefits to the student who wants to do MBA in UK, but due to this there is one drawback which is rigorously faced by the students is that the competition gets tougher as per applicants per seat.

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