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Oxford Vs LBS MBA: Which is The Best Business School for MBA?

Oxford vs LBS for MBA Admission in Fall – The Oxford MBA as well as the LBS MBA, both of them are indeed great options. Both are amongst the list of world’s topmost business schools. We would advise you to apply in both of these schools if you are planning to pursue MBA.

In case, you’ve been selected in both of them, you should know that you are extremely lucky. But, getting selected in both also makes the decision of selecting any one out of them really difficult. University of Oxford or London Business School is certainly a tough choice to make.

Oxford vs LBS: Choose best Business School in Fall-

To make up this decision, we should first focus on the following factors:

  • Academics

There are numerous areas in which you can pursue MBA. Some of them are:

  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consulting
  • Human Resources

Every school has an area in which they specialize and it’s same for the Oxford and the LBS too. So, if their area of specialization and your choice match then you’ve got your answer. You should definitely prefer going to the school which will provide you with better training in the area you want to pursue MBA in. You can check their rankings in those specific areas to know in what area they specialize.

Said Oxford- Said Oxford shows the best results in the two areas, which are, Entrepreneurship and Finance.

London Business School-The LBS is renowned worldwide for its Finance program. If we go through its rankings, this school can undoubtedly be considered amongst the top schools or even the world’s best MBA School for finance.

  • Career

The next deciding factor should be the career. It is important that the school you’ve chosen offers great career opportunities to you. Therefore, before making up this decision of finalizing any school, you should check whether or not the school is able to provide its students with some great placement options.

Said Oxford- Said Oxford does provide its students with some career opportunities. However, as per the reviews of its ex-students, this area definitely has a scope for improvement. Several recruiters don’t see a point to go all the way to Oxford for the recruitment when they can find the students with the same calibre in other big cities like London.

London Business School- LBS is one of the top choices of recruiters when it comes to MBA degree holders so its students surely get better career opportunities.

  • Expenses

Another factor which plays an important part in selecting the best business school for you is the expenses you will have to bear while pursuing MBA from there. These expenses include tuition fee, living expenses etc.

Said Oxford-The expenses of MBA from University Oxford are not as high as for the LBS. The reason being, the duration of MBA here is only one year.

London Business School You can see a hike in the expenses of MBA from London Business School when compared to that of Said Oxford. London, being a big city in the UK, can burn a hole in your pocket for living there as the accommodation charges, entertainment charges etc. are pretty higher than the expenses in the Oxford.

  • Location

The Location also comes to the charts when selecting the best school for you. The wrong choice of location can make it difficult for you to spend a year or two there.

Said Oxford– Said Oxford is situated in Oxford which is a traditional city. If you like the traditional vibes then this place is definitely for you. This provides a unique experience to its students especially those who are not acquainted with such surroundings.

London Business School– London is considered one of the best student cities in the world. It is a big city in the UK and this surely comes with some perks like great nightlife, more number of international students, better entertainment sources etc.


To sum it all up, we are presenting some of the pros and cons of both of them:

Said Oxford


  1. Unique experience
  2. Brand name
  3. Great teachers


  1. Lagging behind in the rankings currently
  2. Lesser placement opportunities provided by school

London Business School


  1. City life
  2. Good alumni network
  3. Better career opportunities


  1. Hiked expenses
  2. Not as popular as Oxford

As this is a lifetime decision, you should make it wisely. Researching well and going through all the factors is the only way you can take the right decision for yourself. We would recommend opting for LBS especially if you wish to pursue MBA in finance. However, if you want to go with the brand name and love the traditional vibes then Oxford is the best for you. We hope that now you’ll be able to make your decision properly.

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