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Fall Application Deadlines for Australia 2024 Intake

Australia has become one of the most sought-after destinations by the international student community for pursuing higher education. More than 500,000 enroll every year to study in Australia. Some of the globally acclaimed, high-ranking universities in Australia include ANU, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. There are multiple reasons which make Australia popular, some of which include-well a designed research-based curriculum, a beautiful and high-tech campus, global exposure, and job opportunities. Fall intake is usually preferred for admissions by students.

In this article, we will discuss the fall application deadlines for Australia and the admission process in detail.

Study in Australia: Fall Intake Application Deadlines for Australia

Universities in Australia offer multiple intake seasons throughout the year, unlike Indian Universities. The total number of students studying in Australia in 2021 is over 98,379. The three intake seasons for institutes in Australia are summarized below-


Semester One: This semester starts between February to March and ends maximum by June. It is selectively popular among Indian applicants as most of the courses are available during this period.

Semester Two: This semester starts between July to August. It is the most popular intake amongst Indian students.

Semester Three: This semester starts between September to November. Only a limited number of courses are available for this intake.

The fall application deadlines for Australia are between September to January. The preparation for the same should start as early as 10 months prior to the deadline.  The steps involved to pursue MS in Australia or other similar courses include the-

  1. Researching and shortlisting courses and colleges
  2. Prepare and appear for the tests
  3. Completing the application form for the universities
  4. Giving interviews and accepting offer letters
  5. Arranging loans and filing visa applications
  6. Booking travel

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Application Deadlines for MS in Australia Fall 2024

The most popular universities and their fall application deadlines are as follows-

Name of the university Application Deadline
University of Melbourne September 1
University of Sydney January  1
University of Queensland October 31
Australian National University December 15
Monash University Rolling
University of Western Australia December 1
University of Technology, Sydney December 30
Top Australian Universities Fall Application Deadlines

Documents Required to Study in Australia-

As is seen in every country, the admission process and criteria vary from university to university in Australia. But there are some basic documents that are required for Australia 2024 fall intake and other subsequent intakes. They are-  

  1. Completed Application form with all the relevant details.
  2. Complete fees of the university.
  3. Scores for exams like
  5. GPA
  6. Photocopies of the passport
  7. Evaluated score reports of national or regional board examinations
  8. SOP
  9. Letter of recommendation from teachers/professors
  10. Reports and academic certificates from previous institutions, translated into English.
  11. Job experience letters if applicable
  12. CV/Resume.
  13. Academic essay
  14. Immigration documents
  15. Test scores of the standardized exams like SAT/ACT or GRE/GMAT
  16. Audited Financial bank statements Job experience certificates, if available
  17. Medium of instruction
  18. Interviews as required in some cases.

How to Choose an Intake and Why Fall Intake is The Best?

It is commonly seen that students do not have a clear idea about which intake they should choose and study in. Usually, it depends on the students and the course and university which they decide to opt for. They should carefully check the eligibility criteria of the courses available each semester and then make a clear and rational decision. Other factors to be kept in mind include- standardized test scores required, acceptance rates for their selected course and college, documents required, scholarship opportunities, and job prospects after completing the course. Once all the prerequisites are in place, students can decide their intake season. Usually, fall intake is hugely popular amongst applicants for a number of reasons- a maximum number of courses are offered during this period as it is the beginning of the academic calendar, chances of securing a scholarship are also high, and the weather conditions are perfects for international students to settle comfortably. All these reasons make the competition fierce as well. Thus, it is extremely crucial for students to do their research and complete all the documents before the fall application deadlines for Australia.

Scholarship to Study in Australia

Scholarship to study in Australia is very important for students especially if they come from a modest background as Australia is an expensive country to live in. Scholarships and fee waivers are usually provided to talented and bright students which makes it smooth for them to study and live decently. Some of the popular scholarships are- the Australian Government Research Training, Griffith Remarkable Scholarship, University of Sydney International Scholarship, ADB Japan Scholarship program for developing countries in Asia and Pacific, and The Global Excellence Scholarship at the University of Western Australia.

Thus it becomes very important for students to become proactive and complete all the formalities before the fall application deadlines for Australia. A maximum number of international students prefer July for their admission as they are free from their exams and have all the documents in place. Australia’s 2024 fall intake is going to be very competitive as colleges are finally opening up after the pandemic. So, keep a tab on the website of the selected colleges, give the test and gather all the documents to complete and submit the application process much ahead of time. Applying before the deadline increases the chances of selection in the university of choice which in turn boosts the confidence of the students and gives a positive start to their career of the student. So, wait no more and get started.

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