Are you planning to complete your MBA in Ireland? If yes, then you would certainly look forward to ensuring that your applications are received in time. The list of MBA in Ireland Deadlines application for the various programs offered by the business schools is given below:

The following list focuses on the MBA programs for full-time purposes with several exceptions. Many business schools still have no deadlines announced; when more information is available, the list shall be revised.

Many schools provide admission deadlines for fall 2024 in different stages. In case a school has multiple MBA for fall 2024 application deadlines, it is recommended that you apply early, so that you have the best chance to obtain a scholarship. However, do not hurry and ensure that before you click on the submit button your application is complete.

Study in Ireland: MBA in Ireland Deadlines

It is also worthwhile getting into schools early when rolling entries are available — admission to these programs will close when the class is finished. Although we have done all we can to publish correct deadlines, we recommend that the program website should double-check its dates.

1. The Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin – It is a full-time MBA course which begins in fall 2024

  • Intake Season and Deadlines
  • Fall: 30th June 2024 – 30th June 2025

2. Dublin Business School – It is a said Business School offering a full-time MBA which begins in the fall season 2024

  • Fall Season – 1st February 2024
MBA in Ireland

3. The University College Dublin –the application deadline for the MBA is in fall 2024

  • The type of deadline depends upon the type of course you choose.

4. National College of Ireland – It’s a business school offering a full-time MBA course

  • The course begins in Fall – 24th July 2024
  • The course begins on Spring-6th December

5. The Griffith College offering a full-time MBA course with an application deadline in fall 2024

The applications are conducted in the Fall season i.e. 1st February 2024

6. The Institute of Technology Carlow Ireland offering the deadline for the MBA application in fall 2024

  • Fall Season – 1st May 2024 till  29th May 2024

7. The IBAT College Dublin offering a full-time MBA with the application deadlines beginning in fall 2024

The Durham University of Business School – The fall 2024 full-time MBA application deadline

  • Deadline is not yet declared

8. The University of Dublin – Trinity College – MBA application deadlines in fall 2024

  • The Rolling admissions

9. The Leeds University Business School – offering full-time MBA with application deadlines in fall 2024

  • The International (non-UK/EU) applicants: 30th June 2024
  • The Home / EU applicants: 31st August 2024
  • The application deadlines are not yet announced

Looking at the above list of MBA in Ireland Deadlines, by now you must have understood how to seek admission in Ireland.

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