European Distance Learning Universities- Distance education proves to be very beneficial especially when you are a little too occupied with your work and home life.

Distance learning lets you manage your learning accordingly. Also, it enables you to learn as per your pace and wherever you want. You can live miles away from your university and it still won’t make any difference to your learning.

10 European Distance Learning Universities:

Some other benefits that you get by opting for a distance learning university are-

  • Distance learning costs you relatively less than regular learning
  • You get to deepen your knowledge without leaving your job
  • You can get the degree from international universities without even living there

Distance learning universities are the best option if you desire to study abroad as you won’t need to physically attend the classes, rather you will be able to study online. Finding the top universities for distance learning abroad is quite a task as there are various distance learning universities around the world which you can consider. But if you are planning to study in the European distance learning universities, then we got you sorted.

Here’s a list of 10 great European distance learning universities which are definitely worth considering:

  1. Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland)

The one thing about this institute which makes it different from others is the software it uses to help students connect virtually with the faculty, making the teaching-learning process much more effective and easy.

2. Instituto Europeo Campus Stellae (Spain)

This Spanish Institute offers various online learning courses which include Hospitality, Leisure & Sports, Education & Training, Journalism & Media, Law etc. Here you can receive training as per your requirements through their different digital platforms.

3. International School of Management (France)

You get the flexibility of time to complete your online course in this French based University. The duration of completion of a course here depends completely on your pace. You can complete it in as short as 3 months or as long as a year.

4. Online Business School (Spain)

This Business School is not only one of the best online Business schools in Spain but also one of the best Business schools in general. It offers various business related programs including marketing, finance and other business fields.

5. University of Helsinki (Finland)

The University of Helsinki is one of the best universities for distance education. It also has its place in top 100 universities in the world. The great thing about this university is that you can pursue postgraduate courses free of cost from here as most of their Master’s courses are free.

6. Uppsala University (Sweden)

This University provides their students with audio visual lectures which help them a lot in understanding the concepts. They evaluate student’s performance on the basis of written test at the end of the course which is also performed online.

7. Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Utrecht University is an international research university which offers postgraduate courses in veterinary science, epidemiology and medicine.

8. Wageningen University (Netherlands)

This university is your go-to option if you are seeking to pursue online course related to healthy food and living environment.

9. Webster Vienna Private University (Austria)

Here you have the comfort of pursuing your courses in a classroom with small class sizes. Graduate students also get an advantage of taking a class or two online. Another great thing about this university is that the graduate courses are offered by them in the evening which enables students to study alongside a fulltime job easily.

10. Wismar University Wings (Germany)

If you opt for Hochschule Wismar University, you’ll be required to be at your study location for just three weekends per semester. This allows students to pursue the courses offered by them without attending all the lectures physically.

Apart from being the best out of all, these universities have different strengths and weaknesses. So, if you are planning to take admission in any of them, we would suggest you to deeply go through the options you’ve selected and then only make your decision.

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