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Top 10 Most Important Scholarships for International Students | 2024

If you are a foreign student having good talent or inspiration, your study programs are the best. We have listed the top 10 most prestigious scholarships for international students from all over the world. Also, take a look at the Top 15 scholarships for students in developed countries if you’re from a developing country.

Scholarships for International students funded by Government

  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in France

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is intended to attract the best international graduate students to study abroad for MA and Ph.D. programs of the French Universities in the world. The monthly payment for Eiffel scholarship holders is exempt from tuition fees. The scholarship also covers many other costs, including return trips, health care, and cultural events.

  • Chevening Scholarships in UK

The Chevening Scholarships are the British Government’s flagship global bursaries program. Every year it provides students from over 130 countries who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in Britain with about 1000 exceptional scholarships. The bursaries include full bursaries covering tuition costs, monthly grants, numerous one-off allowances, and international trips to and from the United Kingdom.

  • Fulbright Scholarships in USA

The Fulbright Scholarship Program is the US flagship program for foreign exchange. Government and 155 nations. Government. Approximately 1,800 Fulbright bonds are awarded annually to excellent students from abroad who wish to study for a master’s or doctoral degree in the USA. The Fulbright Bursaries program, which contains lectures, textbooks, airfare, live grants, and health insurance, offers complete support for the duration of the research.

  • Australia Awards Scholarship in Australia

Australia Awards Scholarships, commonly known as Australia Development Studies (ADS), provide an opportunity for people in developing countries to study fully or postgraduate studies at participating Australian universities and TEEs (TAFE) institutions, in particular those in the Indo-Pacific region.

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Scholarships of International Students funded by the University

  • Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University in China

The first scholarship to discuss the international landscape of the 21st century, intended to train the next generation of world leaders, was Schwarzman Scholars. The program, through an annual Masters’s degree from Tsinghua University, offers the best and brightest students around the world the opportunity to improve their leadership skills and professional networks. The bursary includes tuition and tuition fees, room and board, early and early academic year trips to and from Beijing, studying at a country level, required booklets and materials on the course, a Lenovo laptop and smartphone, insurance, and a small personal grant.

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK)

One of the most prestigious international bursaries for international students from all over the world, the Gates Cambridge Bourses are offered. The bursaries are total cost awards in all subjects at the University of Cambridge for graduate studies and science. The bursary pays tuition fees, maintenance benefits, airfare, and so forth. Annual honors include around 100 new Gates scholars.

  • Knight-Hennesy Scholars Program at Stanford University (USA)

The Stanford University program Knight-Hennessy Scholars cultivates a diverse multidisciplinary group of emerging leaders around the world and guides them in their training to work together, innovate, and collaborate on social and complex issues. The bursary is offered in any subject at Stanford for complete Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Knight-Hennessy Scholars receive a bursary directly applied to cover tuition costs, a living and academic expense allowance, and a travel grant.

  • Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford (UK)

The Clarendon Scholarship Fund is a prestigious graduate scholarship program that annually offers approximately 140 new scholarships for qualified students at Oxford University (including international students). Clarendon Scholarships are awarded in all undergraduate subjects at the University of Oxford based on academic achievement and ability. The bursaries include full tuition fees and university fees and a generous subsidy for living.


Institute-funded abroad Scholarship for International Students

  • Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships (Various Countries)

The JJ/WBGSP sponsors students from developing nations to obtain an MA in preferential universities around the world. It provides student degrees to the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program in Germany. Students should return home in order to contribute to their country’s growth. The bursary covers expenses for travel, tuition, and monthly allowances.

  • Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants (Various Countries)

The Rotary Foundation provides bursaries by Global Bursaries from the Rotary Foundation. For one of four academic years, the bursary finances graduate study or research. The global grant bond’s minimum budget is $30,000.

Another Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund – Providing women Asian students with the ability to obtain scholarships from an approved US University for an undergraduate business degree.
  • Chicago Booth Business school — The Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship is both available for Indian students to apply for the complete MBA at the school. Tobaccowala Fellowships are available for Indian students.
  • Cornell University’s Tata Scholarship – Indian citizens’ bursaries admitted into Cornell University for undergraduate research.
  • Scholarship for research – Provide support to outstanding Indian students who want to study at any stage in an accredited US institution. Fulbright Nehru research fellowships.
  • S. Bose Student Exchange Program for Indian Students – Opportunities for Indian Masters or Higher researchers to study a chosen science and technology program at a university in the United States.
  • UCD International Indian Student Graduate Scholarships– Opportunities for Indian students studying at University College Dublin, Ireland, to finance their Indian graduate students.
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship– Indian students are qualifying for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a variety of participating universities for Indian students in the Netherlands.
  • Campus France Charpak Scholarship – an Indian national scholarship for a master’s degree in France. You should be thirty or under and be an existing or current student in India. A Raman Charpak Scholarship is also offered to Ph.D. students for a period of up to six months in a French institution to conduct part of their study.
  • British Council GREAT Indian Students Scholarships – The British Council is providing a range of scholarships to support Indian students studying abroad in the UK.
  • Miss Agatha Harrison offered Indian government scholarships: Agatha Harrison Memorial Bachelor of History, Economics, and Political Science Miss Agatha Harrison offered Indian government scholarships to Indian students studying at the University of Oxford’s STA. Only high-profile research students are available. Only available.
  • Scholarships for Indian Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) – Open for students with Indian degrees to study at the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge in Great Britain.
  • Saltire Scholarships – Scholarships for students in all areas of Scotland from Canada, the US, India, and China.
  • SIR Ratan Tatas Fellowships: Ratan Tata Scholarship for LSE students from southern Asia to study at the LSE Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK (ARC).
  • Sussex India Scholarships – Chances to receive Indian master’s degree funding at the University of Sussex, UK.

Concluding Thoughts

When you’re an Indian student searching for foreign study opportunities, then you’ll be happy to know that many governments, associations, and particular universities offer international scholarships for Indian students. Above is a list of a wide range of abroad scholarships that Indian students are offered. Check out the list of scholarships for Indian students willing to study abroad and choose one that is a perfect match for you. All the very best!

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