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List of Top Universities Accepting IELTS Score in UK

As we know, IELTS is an English language proficiency test which is meant for the students who are planning to study in an English speaking country.

But just knowing about IELTS is not enough, you should also be aware of the international universities which accept IELTS test score. It is also advisable that you know the minimum score requirement by the universities you prefer to get admission into as this will help you in setting your goal as well as focusing on it.

The IELTS score can be interpreted as:

Score 9 Adept
Score 8 Very Good
Score 7 Good
Score 6 Competent
Score 5 Moderate
Score 4 Limited
Score 3 Very Limited
Score 2 Intermittent
Score 1 Non- User
Score 0 Test not attempted

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Universities Accepting IELTS Score in UK:

Today, we will talk about the top UK Universities accepting IELTS test score which will also provide you with an idea of IELTS score for top universities and the IELTS score for average universities.

Here’s the list of top UK universities accepting IELTS score:

  1. University of Oxford

The minimum score required at the University of Oxford is 6.5 and 7 (with a minimum of 6.5 in each module) for graduate and undergraduate admissions respectively.

2. University of Cambridge

You will need to score at least 6.5 to get admission in the University of Cambridge.

3. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick requires you to have a minimum score of 5.5 for its foundation course whereas 6, 6.5 and 7 for undergraduate (science), undergraduate (arts) and postgraduate respectively.

4. University of St. Andrews

6.5 is the minimum required score (with a minimum of 6 in each module) if you wish to apply in the University of St. Andrews.

5. University College London

The minimum required score for getting admission in the University College London is 6.5 for undergraduate as well as the postgraduate course.

6. Lancaster University

The Lancaster University demands you to score at least 6.5 for the undergraduate course and 7 for the postgraduate course.

7. Imperial College London

You can get admission in the Imperial College London if you’ve scored 6 for the undergraduate course and 7 for other courses.

8. London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science allows you to take admission only if you’ve scored 6.5 or more than 6.5 in IELTS test.

9. Loughborough University

The minimum IELTS score for getting admitted to the Loughborough University is 5 for foundation course and 6.5 for undergraduate as well as the postgraduate course.

10. University of York

The University of York requires you to score at least 6.5 for getting admission in either their undergraduate course or the postgraduate course.

We can easily make out that the minimum IELTS score in UK universities is different for different course types. But even for the foundation course which has the minimum required IELTS score in the UK out of all courses is 5.5 – 6.5. So, it can be said that 6 is the minimum IELTS score required to study in the UK. Therefore, you should only aim for more than IELTS 6 score if you wish to get admission in the top universities of UK.

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