Fall application deadlines for Canada 2024 Intake

Canada has become one of the top destinations for studying MBA by the international student community pursuing higher education. A huge number of students apply every year to study in Canada.  It has become a sought-after destination because of its student-friendly policies, and affordable cost of education. Some of the globally acclaimed, high-ranking universities in Australia including Rotman, Sauder, etc. are located in Canada. Fall intake is usually preferred for admissions by students. In this article, we will discuss the fall application deadlines for Canada and the admission process in detail.

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Intakes in Canadian universities in 2024

Universities in Canada offer multiple intake seasons throughout the year, unlike Indian Universities. There is more than one deadline for MBA programs in Canada. Multiple rounds of deadlines are there for admission so it’s advisable to apply before the completion of the third round.

The fall application deadlines for Canada are between January to February. The preparation for the same should start as early as 10 months prior to the deadline. 

The steps involved to pursue MBA in Canada include

  1. Research and shortlisting courses and colleges
  2. Prepare and appear for the tests- GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL
  3. Prepare SOP/CV/LOR
  4. Completing the application form for the universities
  5. Apply for Round 1
  6. Give interviews and accept offer letters
  7. Appear for 2nd round
  8. Accept offer letter
  9. Arranging loans/scholarships and fill the visa application
  10. Book travel

The most popular universities and their fall application deadlines for MBA in Canada are as follows-

Name of the university Application Deadline
University of Toronto February
Queen’s University September
York University January
University of Alberta September
Dalhousie University January
McMaster University January
Western University January

Documents required to study in Canada

As is seen in every country, the admission process and criteria vary from university to university in Canada. But there are some basic documents that are required for Canada 2024 fall intake and other subsequent intakes. They are-  

  1. Completed Application form with all the relevant details.
  2. Complete fees of the university.
  3. Scores for exams like IELTS/TOEFL
  4. SOP/CV
  5. Letter of recommendation (LOR) from teachers/professors
  6. Reports and academic certificates from previous institutions.
  7. Job experience letters for a minimum of 2 years
  8. CV/Resume.
  9. Academic essay
  10. Immigration documents
  11. Test scores of the standardized exams like GRE/GMAT
  12. Audited Financial bank statements Job experience certificates, if available
  13. Interviews as required
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Canada 2024 fall intake

Students are advised to carefully check the eligibility criteria of the courses available in each semester and then make a clear and rational decision. Other factors to be kept in mind include- standardized test scores required, acceptance rates for their selected course and college, documents required, scholarship opportunities, and job prospects after completing the course. Once all the prerequisites are in place, students can decide their intake season. If an aspirant is invited for an interview by a particular college or university, then it indicated that he/she might get selected for that particular course. Students are expected to be prepared before appearing for their interview as details like their academic experience, professional history, goals, and shortcomings are frequently asked. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, students have to pre-record a certain set of questions and send it to the universities. These questions are about the personality and career goals of the students. Every university wants to understand the personality of its applicants and judge how each of them can contribute to the MBA program and their university. 

In addition to this, students have to put in a lot of effort and hard work to prepare a solid SOP. A good SOP describes in detail the achievements and academic journey of an aspirant. It should highlight their goals and interests in a clear and concise manner. It should neither be too long nor very repetitive. It is also very important that an SOP is completely personalized and not mechanical. Also, a minimum work experience of 2 years is required with a GMAT score of 600. The minimum requirement of IELTS is no band less than 6 and 20 in each section of TOEFL. Aspiring international students should also have some track record of volunteering or community work. Once, all these things are finalized students should focus on securing scholarships to study in Canada and search options for the same.

Thus, it is highly crucial for students to do their research and complete all the documents before the fall application deadlines for MBA in Canada.

Thus it becomes very important for students to become proactive and complete all the formalities before the fall application deadlines for MBA in Canada.  We can easily say that Canada’s 2024 fall intake will be very competitive as colleges are finally opening up after the pandemic. So, keep a tab on the website of the selected colleges, give the test and gather all the documents to complete and submit the application process much ahead of time. Applying before the deadline increases the chances of selection in the university of choice which in turn boosts the confidence of the students and gives a positive start to their career of the student. So, wait no more and get started with SOPEDITS.

Application Deadlines for Fall 2024 Intake- Study Abroad Sept Timelines

More than 5,00,000 Indian students study in 86 different countries across the globe and the number is only going to increase. Studying abroad has many advantages for the dynamic and ambitious students including exposure to a multicultural environment, research-based learning, and access to a bigger job market.  Pursuing a master’s like MBA or MS is one of the most popular choices amongst students. But most of the aspirants are often confused about when and how they should apply. For most countries across the world, colleges offer admission in two slots- January and September. If you want to understand in detail the application deadlines for fall intake, then we bring to you the details and guidelines for the top countries-

Here are The Top Study Abroad Countries with Fall Intake Application Deadlines


It is currently the third most popular choice amongst the students in the case of English-speaking countries. Affordable cost of living, global recognition of education, cultural diversity, and use of technology are some of the factors which make it appealing for students. To study in Australia, students need to begin the process of finalizing Universities in October-November. They should keep a list of 8-12 Australian Universities ready, which they wish to apply to, and visit the website of the Universities for all the application details. Most of these colleges release all their details and brochures one year prior to admissions.


Once all this is complete, students should focus on getting scholarships/loans and complete their homework regarding their stay there. Thus, the application deadline for fall intake for Universities in Australia is April-May. Speed up your process if you wish to pursue MS in Australia, as the Fall 2024 Application deadlines for MS are not too far.


MBA in the US is the dream of thousands of students. The most popular country opens its applications for a master’s program for September intake a year before the academic session begins. Research-based curriculum, expert professors, technology-based learning, and a friendly environment make it the top choice for the student community. To study in the US, it is advisable to start the procedure much ahead of time as there are multiple steps involved in it. After selecting the course and college, students should give their entrance exams, (GRE/GMAT), and English-language tests after thorough preparation. After this, comes the part which requires maximum time and patience- submitting their SOP, CV, and Recommendation letters.


This step requires a considerable amount of time wherein one needs to draft, edit and finalize these documents to make them appealing. It is best to finish them one by one and not handle them all together during winter. Ideally, students should begin from September itself so that everything is ready before the USA Universities Application Deadlines for Fall Intake, ie, December to March and they have buffer space for some unexpected formalities. SOPEDITS assists students in completing their applications in a smooth and timely manner and is highly popular amongst students in Delhi NCR.


The demand to study in Canada is increasing day by day. Indians are making Canada their first choice for pursuing MBA in Canada and MS in Canada. Here, the restrictions are very strict and there is no chance of getting admission once the deadline is over.  The process starts 8-10 months in the preceding year and the Canada Application Deadline for fall intake is between January-February.  Here is the detailed timeline-


Deadline for MS Programs– For this program, there are two deadlines:

Financial Aid/Scholarship Deadline: It is for students who receive a scholarship or are eligible for financial aid.

Regular Deadline: This is basically for the rest of the students.

Deadline for MBA program– There is more than one deadline for MBA programs in Canada.  Multiple rounds of deadlines are there for MBA so it’s advisable to take admission before completion of the third round. 


Another hotspot tourist destination for students when thinking of studying abroad is the UK. After Covid-19 Pandemic, students are looking forward to studying in the UK due to the warm multicultural environment. September is the commonly chosen month by students for pursuing MBA in the UK. The admission process starts for MS in the UK and other similar courses starts 8-16 months before the commencement of the session.


The deadline for the master’s program varies from University to University. Students should start shortlisting courses from April onwards and complete the whole process by July as the Application Deadline for fall intake is in July. After this they should get ready in September- October to fly and pursue their dreams.


The fall intake starts from September onwards for France, which is a common choice amongst the student community. Usually, the Application Deadline for Fall Intake is between July-August 2024. Depending on the guidelines of the University, should finish their exams by June and then speed up the application filing process and book their tickets for early September.  If you are planning to study in France, then the France 2024 Application Deadlines for Fall are not too far. To study MBA in France or MS in France, we advise you to waste not a single minute in completing the process.

New Zealand

This country has gained recognition and popularity in recent times. With a high ranking in the QS world ranking system, students are now excited to study in New Zealand. To pursue MBA or MS in France, students should keep a tab on fall intake Application Deadlines. One of the biggest advantages of studying here is the multicultural environment it offers to the students in addition to the flexible work and study options. The fall session begins in July in NZ which is different from the timing of the other countries. Usually, the Application Deadline for New Zealand is between March- and April. Thus, in order to secure admission students have to complete their application process and exam maximum by March. After it, they should complete the formalities and book their tickets.


Thus, the fall intake Application Deadline varies from country to country and also between Universities. It is always advisable that students keep a tab on the website of their selected colleges to be aware of the Application Deadlines for Fall Intake. This way they can ensure that they don’t miss any important announcements and complete their applications before the fall intake application deadlines.

We, at SOP-EDITS, provide end-to-end assistance to students in planning their careers and guiding the application process. So, wait no more and kickstart your journey of studying abroad now.

Canada Universities Application Deadlines 2024

Masters in Canada have either a set deadline for applications and/or a rotating application process. The former requires that applications would not be approved after the date of commencement to which the deadline is applicable. For various categories of students, some schools would have different deadlines; for example, international students or those requiring financial assistance may need to submit their applications earlier than other applicants.

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