Fulbright Scholarship to Study in the US

The Fulbright Scholarship Program is one of the United States Cultural Exchange Programs that aims to improve cultural diplomacy, intercultural relations, and intercultural competence between America and other countries.

The program offers grants to qualified graduate students from India to study in USA. The students can apply for post-doctoral research at the United States Institutions and are eligible for scholarships from the Fulbright program. They can also opt for a Master’s in USA or can study MBA in USA.

How to Get Scholarships for MS in USA?

In a world of 800,000 international students, the United States forms the prolific computer hub in the world. It is the best-sought place to admire all the dreams that you have thought back in your native place. It has turned an international platform for education across all genres and levels of study globally. International students are more driven into the nation for its MS programs. MS in USA is a strong learning foundation that stresses emphasis on practical and research experience.