Study in UK Cost- Studying abroad is a dream for many but this is one of those dreams which can be fulfilled with proper planning and budgeting.

The UK is one of the most hyped places where one would want to study as some of the most renowned universities are there like the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London etc.

Study in UK Cost- How much does it cost to Study in UK:

Study in UK cost can be a hurdle for you to pursue education from there but you can estimate the cost of education in UK by going through all the relevant details like tuition fee in UK, accommodation expenses in UK and more. Estimation of overall living expenses along with the education cost in UK can help you be prepared in advance and make your dream come true.

Today, we will present some of the things which can help you in preparing the budget or at least get an idea of how much does it cost to study in UK:

  • Tuition fees in UK

The tuition fee is the most important factor in estimating the study in UK cost. You are required to pay different tuition fees for the graduate degree and undergraduate degree so this can also bring fluctuations in your budget. The tuition fees will also vary on your choice of college and subject.

You should also remember that the fee structure for home students and international students is also different so you will have to face a slight hike in the tuition fees if you are an international student. On an average, the yearly tuition fee expense for a student to study in UK can be estimated from $17,000 to $22,000.

  • Scholarships and student funding

There are more chances of getting a scholarship if you are applying for a graduate program as compared to undergraduate program as scholarships at postgraduate level are more widely available in UK.

It is important that you seek advice from your advisor regarding the scholarships you may be eligible for so that you may apply for it as early as possible. Some of the prominent scholarships which you can look out for if you are an international are:

  1. Marshall Scholarship-

It is for the bright students from the US who wish to study in UK.

2. Chevening Scholarship-

The Chevening scholarship is government funded and is open to all the outstanding students from all over the world who have leadership potential.

3. Commonwealth Scholarship-

This scholarship is especially for the citizens belonging to the other Commonwealth countries.

  • Living costs in UK

Taking into account the living costs in UK should not be forgotten. It is highly important that you pay equal attention to the living costs and accommodation if you are planning to study in UK.

One thing to remember is that the living costs will vary from individual to individual depending upon various factors like whether the student is living on-campus or privately, his/ her expenditure on food, transportation and entertainment etc. On an average, the yearly living costs in UK can range somewhere between $16,000 and $21,000 without including the tuition fee.

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