Study in China- Eligibility, Universities, Courses, Admission & Fee Details

Study in China in 2021 – China has been touted as the world’s fastest-growing economy and many students wish to study in China to learn more about the history of the country and be part of the growth story China. There are a few universities in China which are internationally well known and students can study in English in these institutions. The living costs in most cities in China are relatively cheap and the standard of living is high. Getting work permits in China is not easy and most students struggle to find jobs after graduation. Scholarships are rare in China and students have to bear their entire education and living expenses. If students are willing to learn Chinese, they would have a better experience while studying in China. SOP-Edits guides you with the best career options for admissions in China.

General Info

China’s economy has attracted international students from all over the world to study in China. The government of China is making strong efforts to promote higher education by increasing university funding and thus trying to make China a scientific and academic world leader. The academic degree awarded by the Chinese universities is recognized by most developed countries.

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Study in China- Costs

Average tuition fees are about 35,000 Yuan per year and average living expenses are about 10000 Yuan per year. Fees vary from institute to institute and some programs including an MBA have higher fees.

Study in Canada in 2021- Education System

Universities in Canada are known for their superior quality education to validate the fact, almost 12 Canadian universities make it to the top 200 (Times Higher Education). Canada is very popular for the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post Graduate diploma, and certificates level as well. SPP (Student Partnership Program Colleges) colleges are the most popular if planning for diploma and advance diploma courses at both the levels (Undergraduate and Post Graduate). There are more than 10k programs available which students can choose from, a total of 175 public community colleges and more than 92 universities. A great emphasis is given to the research by the universities and the government as well. Some key areas of research are environmental science, telecommunication, computer technology, agriculture, computer technology, and medicine.

Study in China in 2021 – Scholarships & Loans

Scholarships, grants, and bursaries are available for international students, at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The scholarship committee considers the overall profile of students including the past academic record, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and past achievements while deciding scholarship and financial aid awards. Students from India can get education loans from state banks for up to Rs.2.5 Million. Security of up to 100% of the loan amount will be needed and the repayment period varies from 5-7 years. Please contact individual banks for more information.
Employment International students can work in China once they have been hired by a company. Getting employment for international students in China is not easy due to stiff competition from local Chinese students.