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How Much Does it Cost to Study in France | Tuition Fee in France

How much does it cost to study in France- France is home to some of the best universities and draws a large number of students every year. Education in France is quite exciting and interesting for international students as they get to visit the beautiful museums as well lead a French lifestyle which many people dream of. Another added benefit is the cost of studying here.

Education Fee: Tuition Cost to Study in France:

This article deals primarily with the cost incurred while you aspire to study at one of the best universities in France.

Tuition fees in France for Indian Students:

The tuition fee in France is set at a very reasonable rate, owing to the factor that a large variety of students have been flowing into this country for a long time. Alongside, there are a number of universities too, due to which a competitive price is what every university relies on.

The universities are divided into three broad categories as mentioned below:

  • Top universities

The tuition fees at the top-ranked universities are as follows:

  • Paris Descartes University– average tuition fees of € 261 per year
  • École Polytechnique– average tuition fees of € 12,000 per year
  • École Supérieure d’Electricite SUPELEC– average tuition fees of € 2,000 per year
  • Public universities

At public universities, the education fee is different and hence, the overall cost is also variable in nature for a student. The level of study, undergraduate or postgraduate is also one of the factors in deciding the course fee.

  • Engineering courses demand a comparatively higher fee than any other course; it is around €620 for every academic year.
  • In the case of medical studies, the fees are even higher at €400 per academic year.
  • For normal graduation or Bachelor’s courses, the average fees are minimal €190 for every academic year.
  • Then, for postgraduate courses, the fees are average €260 per year.
  • Lastly, for doctor courses, the fee is nearly €400 per year.

In case, you are opting for certain specialized courses, it is recommended that you be prepared with a higher course fee than the usual. Likewise, the application fee will also differ according to the universities you are applying for.

  • Other universities

There are many other universities that charge competitive average fees and some of them are mentioned below:

  • University Lille Sciences et Technologies– average tuition fees of €260 a year.
  • Université du Maine– average tuition fees is €500 per year.
  • Université de Lyon–€500 year is the average tuition fees.
  • The University of Burgundy– average tuition fees €500 every year.
  • Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes- average tuition fees of €261 per year

Living Cost in France for Students:

The total living cost to study in France for your education comprises of several other costs, and all of it depends on a number of factors as well. The factors such as lifestyle, socializing, etc are great determinants of the overall cost. Alongside, the city where your university lies is the main factor.

  • Food

One person is likely to make his living by spending around €200 – €300 per month on buying groceries. This is, however, in case you are living in Paris, otherwise, you can expect a lesser amount.

  • Accommodation

The accommodation you choose for yourself decides the amount you need to spend on staying. They can be classified as below:

  • If you are opting to stay in the student hall of residence to study in France, then it will cost you a minimal €150 per month if it is a shared room. For a private room, it will cost you €600 per month.
  • If you are sharing or renting an apartment, then you will need to bare an amount of €400 to €700 per month.
  • Transport

You can avail a monthly pass, which will cost you somewhat nearly €30. There are other services like bike taxi or normal taxis, but they are comparatively expensive.

  • Miscellaneous

Costs like healthcare, books, socializing, etc are under this category and you may add around €60 – €70 in your budget per month.

Therefore, France being one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists is growing in demands amongst students also. Lately, more and more students are opting for MBA in France apart from other subjects.

For further queries on “cost to study in france”, feel free to get in touch and write in comment.

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