Are you looking for best student cities to study abroad? SOPEdits is here to choose most affordable student cities across the world. is Planning to study abroad is surely a big decision for anyone.

This decision can’t be just taken without searching enough and planning everything in prior. The search for studying abroad includes the university you wish to get in, the course you want to pursue etc. One of the most important things to be thought about is the city you want to go and study in.

Top Student Cities to Study Abroad:

Not only thinking about the best university and course is important but thinking about the best student cities is equally important when it comes to studying abroad. There are various factors like safety, affordability etc. on basis of which you can decide whether or not the city is good enough for you to study there.

The first thing to check when selecting the student cities is the safety. You should always consider the safe cities to study abroad. Another thing which is important is that whether or not the city is affordable for you as it will be only wise to opt for affordable cities for students.

In order to help you out with this, we’ve selected top 14 student cities for you to study abroad:
1. Montreal
This city is presently the best city to study abroad. It is known for its multi-culture and is also referred as Canada’s cultural capital.

2. Paris

Paris has always been on the list of top student cities. It houses as many as 18 universities which are currently the maximum number of universities a city has.

3. London

London is home to some of the world’s best universities like Imperial College of London and University College London (UCL). This is what makes this city really desirable amongst the international students.

4. Melbourne

Melbourne is a really lively city. There’s something or other going on in the city all year which makes this city desirable. The only downside of this city is that it’s not at all pocket- friendly to live here.

5. Seoul

It won’t be wrong if we say that this city never sleeps. You can always find hustle and bustle in the streets of Seoul whether it’s daytime or night. It is a 24×7 city having no dull moment in its life.

6. Boston

Boston is a well renowned academic hub of the world. The nearby university i.e. Harvard University is what makes it even more popular among the international students.

7. Berlin

Berlin is the most affordable city out of all the top 15 cities. So, you should definitely consider it if you are planning to study abroad on a budget.

8. Tokyo

Student’s can never forget the experience of living and studying in Tokyo. This city is the most desired by the students because of the employment opportunities it provides.

9. Munich

Munich is one of the most favourable student cities in the world. Here, the students are not charged any tuition fee whatsoever for studying in the public universities which makes it affordable. However, you might find it a bit difficult to cope up with the living expenses in this city.

10. Hong Kong

You can experience the best city life in Hong Kong as this place is really dynamic. However, this city life also results in really hiked living expenses which you will have to struggle through here.

11. Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the Canada’s most loved and beautiful cities. This city has many attractions including the beaches, mountains, ski resorts etc. to offer which makes it desirable in the eyes of international students.

12. Toronto

As per the QS best student cities rankings (, Toronto is the most desirable city in the world by the students who wish to study abroad.

12. Sydney

Sydney is a very popular city to live in not only amongst the students but generally as well. One great thing about this city is its student diversity. You can easily find students belonging to different cultures from all over the world here.

13. Zurich

This is the largest city of Switzerland housing continental Europe’s highest ranking university i.e. ETH Zurich. Although the living expenses of this city can cause dismay, the overall experience is what makes it have its own place on the list of top student cities.

14. Singapore

Singapore can, no doubt, be referred as one of the most desired student cities in Asia. However, you can find it a bit expensive to live here, this city is really safe for students because of its low crime rate.

These are the best student cities in the world for international students. They not only offer good education but are also affordable and safe. You can choose any of them and we are sure that you will not regret your decision.

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