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Short Term Study Abroad Programs in 2024 – Courses Duration and Application Deadlines

Do not miss the time limit for your choice if you plan to study abroad. For your study application in each of the major study destinations, below is a list of all the important dates to remember about the study abroad programs. The deadlines for various opportunities are rounded up those might be of your interest soon.

Is Pursuing Short Term Study Abroad Programs a Good Idea?

The duration of short-term study abroad courses is two weeks to 10 weeks and is offered to the students who are interested in pursuing educational opportunities in other countries.

Apart from that, many Universities, schools, and colleges are actively encouraging and cooperating with the other institutes across the world for enabling students to study a part of their study abroad education programs in the other countries.

The Foundation Programs in European Country

Consider a path or foundation course if you want to start your undergraduate studies, but don’t have the required grades. Such courses allow you to lift your qualifications up to the standard required for a bachelor’s degree and guarantee the graduate progression. The UCAS deadline of 15 January will usually be applied. To check availability, contact institutions directly.

Programs for Undergraduates

Most courses start in September / October and take place in the UK in September. In September, the majority of UK colleges require you to apply for a degree through UCAS, the Admission Service of Universities and Colleges, which are primarily responsible for handling applications for higher education in the UK.

Candidates commence in the middle of September of the year leading up to the beginning date so you can start your application from September 2024 if you want to begin your studies in September 2024. Some of the courses are subject to deadlines in October, while the remaining courses are usually subject to a mid-January deadline.

You will be confirmed by the end of March when you need to arrange a study visa if you need one. If all your bids are received by end-March, then you have to answer all these bids by the beginning of May.

Also, in January, a number of UK universities take lessons. Deadlines are different, so you better check directly at the selected institution, but you are prepared to apply as soon as possible.

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The Postgraduate Programs

In contrast to the centralized UCAS process for graduate applications, the postgraduate course process is differentiated from the undergraduate course process in the UK because most study abroad top universities have their own post-graduate application procedure. Most UK postgraduate courses start in late September and early October, as in the case of undergraduate courses. Closing dates for applications for postgraduate courses tend to not be defined as strictly as degrees. If possible, it is better to apply up to a year before the start date for your selected courses.

They need evidence that before you can apply for your student visa; you need to have plenty of funding for your studies and an unconditional commitment to a position in the course.

Courses focused on postgraduate research continue to require entries over the entire calendar year. Your request should still start as quickly as possible because the process is still long. Before applying for a student visa for study abroad programs, you should obtain an offer of a place on the selected course along with evidence of financing.

Bursaries are usually available to international students but you have to receive an offer to qualify for a place. The sooner you obtain your bid, the better you apply for a bursary, the sooner more bursaries will be allocated.

Foundation Programs in New Zealand and Australia

Programs for Undergraduates

If you want to study in Australia or New Zealand, you normally have two graduate semesters in the course of your study year. Semester 1 normally starts in early March and ends at the beginning of June. You should aim to have a request completed and submitted by mid-November, depending on the institution, if you wish to start your studies in Semester 1.

Semester 2 follows semester 1, usually starting at the end of July and ending at the beginning of November. You should strive to have your application filled in by mid-to-late May depending on your institute if you want to begin your training in the 2nd semester.

If you reside in a country the Australian Government sees a high student visa assessment level, you may need to submit your application in semester 1 or 2 earlier than above. You can have more details in order to help your student visa application if you are living in such a country. You will find more information on evaluation levels on the website of the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department.

Study Abroad Program

Programs for Postgraduates

The year of graduation is defined by two semesters of the same pattern as the year of graduation, but this can differ for courses based on the study. You should submit an application by the end of October / mid-November in order to begin your studies for Semester 1.

You should look to file your application by mid-April / mid-May if you want to start your studies in semester 2.

The current deadline for applying depends on the institution in which you apply and the country from which you apply. Like undergraduates, you need more visa application time if your country is considered by the Australian administration to be a high student visa assessment level.

The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to require your application to be taken into consideration for bursaries and longer to process your student visa for both undergraduate and postgraduate applications.

Foundation Programs in Canada and USA

The Foundation Program

Consider a path or foundation course if you want to start your undergraduate studies, but don’t have the required grades. Such courses allow you to lift your qualifications up to the standard required for a bachelor’s degree and guarantee the graduate progression.

The Programs for Undergraduates

For most institutions, the main term begins in September. You will seek to initiate your application at least one year prior to your appointment to the courses you want, typically from the beginning of mid-October / November to the beginning of January.

Some classes may require you before you start your application to complete an admission test. If this is required for your selected courses, try to complete them before the main application begins. At the beginning of August, the applications themselves begin.

In addition to submitting applications to your selected universities, together with other funders, you should also submit applications with deadlines for financial applications that are likely to come in mid-November.

At the beginning of May, you must notify universities about your decision and pay a deposit at your selected university. English language schools and certain other institutions allow students to begin all year long.

Programs for Postgraduates

You should seek to launch your application at least 1 year in advance if you are interested in starting a postgraduate course in the US. Although the time limits for applications vary by course, the majority of time limits are between mid-December and March. It is highly recommended that you apply as soon as possible because this offers you an increased opportunity to obtain funding for your studies.

Hope you find this blog helpful and informational about the Study Abroad Programs.

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