Every student planning for higher studies in the UK seeks to achieve a scholarship to study in UK. This helps a student in meeting their financial requirement to study abroad. Universities in the UK have strong prospects of employment, and this mainly serves students as the core reason for nurturing an intense interest to study in the UK. Here is a guide for the readers with the help of which they can get to have a firm idea about the scholarships and ways to accomplish them so that there can be financial assistance ready for you during your studies in abroad. Hunting all the sources, here are some of the information that can help you know about the scholarship to study in UK:

Types of Scholarship to Study in UK

Scholarship to study in UK can broadly be categorized into three different types, and they are- Global scholarships, country-specific scholarships, and University scholarships. Here is a brief description of all of them:

  • Global Scholarships:

These are the kinds of scholarships which are not restricted to any student based on his or her nationalism. This has stricter eligibility criteria and getting through it is a bit of difficult task. This is so because of the high competitiveness prevailing. Some of the main ones are enlisted here as follows:

  • Chevening Scholarships:

This is a scholarship to study in the UK that is extended to the students pursuing a master’s degree. Students from all the countries are eligible for this. If you are planning to pursue your master’s in the UK, then this scholarship can be of great worth for you. You can even easily get admission into top universities of UK.

Some of the terms and condition of these scholarships are, a student will have to serve his or her nation after the completion of the master degree in the UK for a couple of years. Commonwealth and foreign office raise the fund of this scholarship. You will even require to put every bit of your effort to get through and lead the rigorous competitiveness prevailing there to get admission in MS colleges in UK.

  • Commonwealth scholarships:

This is a scholarship that is applicable for all the commonwealth countries; this is extended to the students who are pursuing masters or Ph.D. This category includes ten different types of scholarship to study in UK. These are of great significance as they offer financial aid for promoting prosperity across the globe and assisting the potentially efficient students to be able to afford the cost to study in UK.

  • Saltire Scholarships:

This is a scholarship that is extended for the students planning to pursue a master degree. The students can be eligible to compete for this scholarship only if they can produce tuition fees as well as the cost of living.

  • Country-specific scholarships:

Every country has a scholarship for students to study in UK. Some countries extend scholarships to master degrees only whereas on the other hand thee other countries extend help to students pursuing all sorts of degrees after under graduation. The funds are raised from different sources. Even there are some niche eligibility criteria laid by the countries for the scholarship to study in UK or any other country abroad.

The eligibility criteria even vary with various universities. Typically, they search for students who possess great potential when it comes to radiating leadership and learning new things. The staunchest of the kind can surely get through the test and avail scholarship to continue further study in abroad.

  • University scholarships:

There are many universities in the UK which offer a range of scholarship to study in UK for the students so that they can easily fund their studies. The University of Cambridge offers scholarships for the students in the level of Post-graduation or masters. This scholarship is eligible for all the students outside the UK.

Students getting through the test will be offered a certain amount as well as they will be given the travel expense, tuition fees, immigration cost. Academic excellence is to be showcased. Apart from that, some other attributes in which the students are judged is leadership, sincerity, etc.

Another example of scholarships in the University is the Rhodes scholarship. This is for the students aspiring for admission at Oxford University. Some criteria beyond academic excellence are the age of the students that must be in between 18 to 24. The scholarship programs are of great worth. A student requites to showcase his or her excellence in music, theatre, sports, debates, etc. Other criteria vary with the nationality of the students.

There is an eligibility criterion for availing scholarship to study in the UK.  Availing scholarships are highly competitive. Thus, sufficient caution is to be exercised so that scholarships can be availed. Apart from that, you must always have a Plan B. As this is highly competitive, so you will always have to have some alternate plan of getting financial aid. A student loan serves as a nice option alternative to that of scholarship. Thus, follow the guide and meet the eligibility criteria to avail a scholarship to study in UK. MS in UK fall 2024 is approaching, and this guide can help you get through it.

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