If you are planning to take admission in universities for pursuing MBA in UK then you must be knowing that most of the renowned universities have requirement of work experience there. It no doubt breaks the hearts of students who do not have work experience but still dream of taking admission in MBA in UK.

MBA in UK- Get Admission without work experience:

You need to have a minimum of two to three years work experience for being eligible to take admission in MBA in UK. The work experience is emphasized by universities offering MBA in UK due to several reasons which include:

  • The ease of understanding the lessons taught in MBA classes as the work experience makes the theoretical knowledge more relatable to students.
  • It helps students to share their experiences and get answers or appropriate solutions for the problems they faced.
  • They are also able to express their views in a much better way because they’ve already faced similar situations while working.
  • It becomes easy for them to work on the case studies and give presentations.

It is a fact that practical knowledge leaves stronger impacts on our minds as compared to theoretical knowledge. Therefore, pursuing MBA with work experience helps you a lot in gaining a deeper insight of business. It makes you efficient in working with a team, understand the values of a team and how to be a productive part of team as well as lead it.

You can see a huge difference in the tasks performed by a student without work experience and a student with work experience as the students with work experience are to understand the concepts much more easily.

But this surely does not mean that students without work experience cannot pursue MBA in UK.   MBA without work experience is no more just a dream as there are a few universities where you can apply for MBA degree from UK without any work experience. Not only you can apply but also perform well if you put all your heart into it.

So, you shouldn’t lose hopes and try in the universities without work experience to get an MBA degree from UK. Also, for your help, we are providing you with a list of different universities where you can apply.

Universities without the requirement of work experience

  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Coventry University
  • Glasgow University
  • LCA Business School
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • London School of Commerce
  • London South Bank University
  • Salford Business School
  • Swansea University
  • Teeside University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • University of East London
  • University of Sunderland
  • University of West London
  • West London College

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