Are you looking to get admission in MBA without going through the Graduate Management Admission Test, also known as GMAT? If so, here you will get answers to most of the important questions. Often we’ve heard students asking whether they can get admission in MBA without GMAT. There is no doubt that the GMAT exam plays a vital role in giving a student admission to MBA. But there are multiple top universities abroad where you can pursue MBA without going through the hoops of the GMAT. Let’s shed light on the main questions about getting MBA admission. 

Is MBA possible without GMAT?

The short answer to this question is a big yes,” as multiple universities offer MBA without GMAT across the globe. Even though some countries allow students to pursue MBA without a GMAT exam yet, specific conditions must be satisfied. The next section will explain the seven major requirements for admission to top universities abroad. 

7 Major Requirements for taking up MBA without GMAT Exam! 

If you’re looking to get admission in MBA without going through the nuts and bolts of the GMAT exam, make sure you satisfy the seven major requirements. Check out the requirements before applying to any of the top universities globally. 

  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

First things first – you need to design a statement of purpose. It is a way that will help you to introduce yourself to different universities across the world. Also, a well-crafted SOP will assist the universities in understanding your talent, life goals, unique qualities, and much more. Thus, enabling them to qualify you for a full-time MBA without GMAT Exam. 

If you don’t have adequate knowledge to craft an SOP, make sure you highlight the needed skills to grow in the field. For instance, you need to shed light on teamwork abilities, leadership qualities, personal goals, professional priorities, objectives, qualifications, etc. Make your SOP strong enough to stand ahead of the curve. 

2. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

The next important thing that will help you get admission to an MBA without GMAT is the LOR. Letters of recommendation (LOR) play a vital role in giving a student admission to an MBA. This letter is written by a senior member with whom you’ve worked in the past. It is a way to define your skills, qualities, and strengths. If you have a good letter of recommendation, there are high chances of getting admission without the GMAT Exam. 

3. GPA

In case you’ve scored a high GPA, it’s likely that the top universities abroad will waive the GMAT exam. The students who have scored a high GPA mean that they have strong logical reasoning capabilities. This will elevate the chances of getting admission to an MBA without the GMAT. For instance, a high GPA means scoring 3.3 GPA out of 4. An Indian student can apply for an MBA if they have scored more than 86% or have a high GPA of 7-8. 

4. Work Experience

If you’ve work experience, approximately more than 8 years, there would be numerous universities offering you the best MBA programs. Many top universities abroad offer MBAs to experienced aspirants. For this reason, many business owners are offering their employees an MBA without GMAT to grow their business. 


5. A Prolific Resume

Having a good working experience or a high GPA is worthless if you can’t make it presentable. For this reason, it’s important to have a prolific resume. This will help you to showcase your skills in a professional way. 

6. Internships 

If you add quality internships to your resume, it will help you to increase the chances of getting admission. 

7. Language Proficiency Test

There are a few universities that accept admissions in MBA without GMAT if they have cleared language proficiency tests. You can submit the language proficiency score along with other documents to get admission. 

Final Words 

Some of the top countries that allow students to pursue an MBA without the GMAT exam are the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Switzerland. You can scroll through the quality universities in specific countries that offer MBA without GMAT. Make sure you fulfill the above seven requirements before you apply for an MBA without going through the GMAT exam. Does the process seem complicated to you? Feel free to contact SOPEDITS. Being the best Study Abroad Consultants‘, they can help you to cross the hoops swiftly. 

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