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Top Colleges and Universities to Study MBA in UK for Indian Students

The Masters in Business Administration can open numerous opportunities for you in the career front. Many Indian students select the United Kingdom as the desired educational location. This is because; some of the top-notch colleges and universities are located in the education hub. You have the option to pursue an MBA from some of the top-ranking MBA colleges, which can add value to your internationally-recognized degree. Pursuing MBA in UK can be a reality if you plan your future wisely.

Top Universities for doing MBA in UK

Indian students can consider a diverse range of universities and colleges if you want to pursue your MBA from the UK. The good news is that there are several MBA colleges in the nation that rank among the world’s top educational institutions. The educational opportunity that you will get in the MBA universities in UK will prepare you for real-life business challenges.


You will also be able to prepare at the global level, which will help you to gain a wider perspective for problem-solving. Some of the top MBA colleges in UK that you can consider for doing MBA are London Business School, Cambridge University, Oxford MBA, and many more.

Top MBA Universities in UK
London Business School
Cambridge University
Oxford University

Enroll in London Business School

If you want to study in UK, then the London Business School is one of the best educational platforms that you must take into consideration. This educational institution is situated in the very heart of the commercial capital of England. This respected MBA brand will help you to get a comprehensive insight into how businesses work in the 21st century. The MBA program in the university is designed to enable the learners to build a global network.

The transformational program at the renowned university will convert you into a well-grounded global business leader who is prepared to thrive and sustain in the dynamic business environment. If you are passionate about pursuing an MBA in UK, then this university will ensure that you experience integrated learning that will add value throughout your life.

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MBA from Cambridge University

Cambridge University is considered to be one of the top universities from where Indian students can pursue an MBA. The top-ranking MBA program will ensure that you will prosper in your career front. You will be able to be a part of an engaging and lively learning environment. You need to keep in mind the MBA in UK requirements before applying to the university.


This university looks for the learners who have had some international experience in the work front. The course will help you to get a thorough insight into how the business climate is constantly evolving. The knowledge and exposure will empower you to be a global leader who can mold the business setting.

MBA from Oxford University for Indian students

The Oxford family is on par with Cambridge University. But the University has succeeded in establishing its identity and personality due to the rich educational content. Indian students willing to pursue MBA in UK must consider getting a degree from Oxford University. You will get holistic exposure, which will enhance your learning experience.

In addition to this, the bigger class will enable you to learn in an ‘Indian applicant friendly’ environment. One thing that you must keep in mind while planning to study abroad is an MBA in UK cost. The cost of an MBA in Oxford can cost approximately GBP 45,000. Students will be able to derive value from the MBA course that will surpass its cost.

Pursuing MBA in UK can boost the learning experience

Some several colleges and universities offer the best MBA in UK for Indian students. If you have decided to do an MBA in UK, that is one of the best decisions that you have ever taken. A unique feature of the MBA courses is that its duration is only one year, unlike the usual duration of two years.

The short duration makes it an ideal learning opportunity for both students as well as professionals. If you think that one year will not be sufficient to learn about global business, you are mistaken. The universities and colleges that provide MBA in UK design the module to help learners grown and learn efficiently and effectively.

Pursuing MBA in abroad can add value for learners

If you plan to pursue an MBA abroad, you must select the location carefully. MBA in UK will play a vital role in boosting your entire learning experience. The top-notch colleges and universities that offer an MBA degree will ensure that you have an integrated learning experience. The best UK universities focus on the learning experience of the students so that they will be empowered to be the leaders of the future.


The MBA programs will make sure that you get adequate exposure to the dynamic business setting. The programs are designed to equip you with appropriate knowledge, skills, and tools so that you can master the field of business. You can choose from a wide range of top colleges and universities that are located in the UK to learn about the real-life global business landscape.

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