MBA Acceptance Rate: Acceptance Rate at Top US MBA Schools

First introduced by Harvard University Graduate school of Administration in 1908, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. MBA degree has a high value and demand in today’s world as MBA enhances one’s business operation skills both theoretically and practically. MBA has increased the quality and quantity of Job opportunities.

What is the “MBA Acceptance Rate”?

An MBA Acceptance Rate refers to the number of candidates who are allowed to get admission into an institute’s MBA program.

They also help you get a better idea about the competition in today’s world and also how capable you yourself are for pursuing MBA. A quality MBA school is harder to get admission in compared to others.

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Top Business Schools in the USA

If you’re thinking of pursuing Business as your career then the first step towards it would be to get a degree in MBA. For that to be done, you have to find a suitable MBA program that goes in accordance with your needs.

Among the top business schools in the US, heavy competition and quality students are constant. Some of the renowned business schools are

1. Stanford University – The University located in Stanford has been ranked top among the MBA universities in the USA. It is a private University, established in 1925. The University offers a general management MBA, the MSx program, and a Ph.D. program.

2. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) If you’re considering pursuing your MBA from Wharton, you can also get loans, scholarships, and other financial assistance based on your situation. The MBA course offered here is highly valued. It is also ranked quite high in the B school rankings.

3. University of Chicago (Booth)– It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, so surely it has a low MBA Acceptance Rate, which makes it harder to get admitted. Only the best students are accepted into their programs each year.

4. Harvard UniversityEstablished in 1636, Harvard University continues to be among the top B schools in the US. The students are trained thoroughly to become experts in business management. The University is owned privately.

5. Northwestern Kellogg School of ManagementIt is ranked number 4th in the Best Business Schools, and number 3 in Part-time MBA.  So the MBA programs are quite efficient and good for the students. The students of the school are excellent in business studies.

These are some of the examples of Top MBA colleges in the USA. The courses offered in these universities are highly appreciated and the degrees are highly valuable due to their high level of education provided to the students.

If you’re thinking of getting an MBA degree in the USA and not sure about which college to go to. Surely you could consider going into one of these colleges for a bright future ahead. The competition is high but also the MBA Acceptance Rate in these colleges is quite low.

MBA Acceptance Rate at Top US MBA Schools

MBA Acceptance Rate in colleges of the USA

When it comes to the top business schools of the USA, they are selective with their admission process and only accept the best students from all.

MBA ProgramAcceptance Rate  
Stanford University7%
2. Harvard Business School12%
3. Wharton School25%
4. NorthWestern Kellogg20%
5. Chicago Booth22%
6. Columbia Business School17%
7. MIT Sloan22%
8. Dartmouth Tark35%
9. Berkeley Haas23%
10. Virginia Darden36%
11. Yale SOM30%
12. Duke Fuqua25%
13. Michigan Ross37%
14. Texas McCombs34%
15. Cornell Johnson40%
16. UCLA Anderson35%
17. NYU Stern29%
18. Carnegie Mellon Tepper27%
19. UNC Kenan-Flagler46%
20. Emory Goizueta40%
21. USC Marshall24%
22. Georgetown McDonough57%
23. UW Foster41%
24. Rice Jones36%

These are some of the MBA Acceptance rates in US colleges.

Interpreting MBA Acceptance Rate

It is much more difficult to get into these colleges compared to other colleges. No matter how strong your profile may be, you’re likely to face a lot of tough competition. If your application is rejected in one school it doesn’t mean you are not compatible for business studies. You can try applying to a different top business school and maybe be selected as well. Acceptance rates at different schools will help you get an idea about the standards and competition at the particular school which will help you create a strategy to manage your studies as well.