List of Scholarships to Study in Canada- Canada is among the most popular destination sought by Indians to acquire quality education. The students who are planning to carry their studies abroad may be unfo

rtunately hindered by the costly provision of the Canadian institutions.

List of Scholarship

List of Scholarships to Study in Canada:

There are some of the rounded up scholarships amended by the Canadian government and non-government agencies to help the future generation to seek benefits from the diverse amenities to continue their studies. Here, we are going to project some of the scholarships to study in Canada that may come in your way;

The Banting fellowship for post-doctorate students

The funding is provided to the applicants who are in association to carry out some of the research-based programs to derive high peaks to uplift the social economy. This program to Study in Canada is preferred to take into account the potential for a successful research-intensive career in any field.

The stipend that is generally provided is $70,000 per annum for a non- renewable duration of 2 years. There are 70 fellowships provided each year with the generation of approximately 140 awards. The fellowship is termed to be equally distributed to the CIHR (medical background), SSHRC (engineering students), NSERC (Humanities and social science students). The applicant can endorse themselves in the program between April to September.

The Vanier scholarship program

This scholarship to study in Canada was launched in the year 2008 by the Canadian sovereign to impart graduation scholarship to off the border students. It was programmed to withhold the potentially successful doctoral candidates globally. It is an outstanding center to continue the career in the research field with its limitless equipment and amenities.

It accommodates nearly 166 scholarships every year where the students are liable to fetch a value of $50,000 per annum for the duration of 3 years. The candidate applying here to continue with their abroad scholarships should be proficient in the academic field having a proof of better research potential and leadership qualities. The administration of any nominating institution should be submitted within July to November.

The Rootman management scholarship program

It is one of the most popular options in the list of scholarships to study in Canada or MBA in Canada. It is strictly based on merit and is considered to be the most competitive. The scholarship yields you a value to carry out the desired degree at $10,000 per annum provided the student should be pursuing the full-fledged program of 2 or more than 2 terms.

The admission eligibility requires the candidate to be proficient in English language and should have a desirable score in TOEFL/ IELTS upon which their interview is liable to be scheduled.

Trudeau scholarship program

The scholarship is liable to fetch you $60,000 scholarship for a term of 3 years for full-time enrolment of social studies and humanities students by the Trudeau Foundation. The finance for education in Canada is taken care of by the nongovernment agency in Canada.  It renders the student to build a stout platform for the countries major development.

Every year it has aimed to provide 15 scholarships to the doctoral candidates. It is estimated that each year the Canadian government offers a reservation of one non-Canadian per four candidates with the full-time program.

Graduate Scholarship from University of Manitoba

This is one of the best funds options, if you are planning to get scholarships to study in canada. These are open to all nationality student scholarship in Canada that engages them for a full-time PhD or Masters Course. The value that the fellowship yields is $14000 for masters and $18000 for a PhD delegate. Scholars of any field can solicit this program with the exception of medical and business administrative handling students. The fellowship is activated for a time period of 24 months for the masters and 48 months for scholars.

The Ontario graduation scholarship

It is aimed to push excellence in the academic field. It is purely based on the merit it focuses to take students covering all disciplines to give scholarships for Indian students. It is funded in collaboration with both Ontario and Toronto public participatory bodies. It enables the delegates to have masters or a doctoral study with a value that subside at $5000 for each session. The guideline to apply must be that they must have a visa for temporary residence and must have a good publication or qualifying criteria.

Thus, you can dream big by availing these scholarships as a step ahead towards the way of progress.

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