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My Story from Rejection to Acceptance in the Same University

LIFE ALWAYS HAS A BEAUTIFUL ENDING-dedicated to Amaneesh Kaur Chandi.

Glimpse of few whatsapp messages with her “Best counselor Ever”

My story from Rejection to Acceptance in the same University:

The fears of rejection rest on the desire of approval. And I am no odd one out

of it. The following incident was my first ever rejection up to this point of time in my life. And trust me I would gladly face more. Because Rejection is God’s divine protection.

In the dash of striving my career goals and my Hastiness towards studying abroad made me face my first rejection which ever made me realize of what it feels when someone sitting miles away tells you on a Skype call that you aren’t good enough for the university and we are sorry but we cannot proceed further with your application of studying media management at our university from U.K,London this tore my heart apart and that moment I felt like throwing away my laptop and take off that smart black jacket which I especially wore for my interview for Skype, rub of that eyeliner with teary eyes and wipe out that lip color. Just a few minutes back my life was so happy and sorted. My father and I locked ourselves in the room in antsy of the Skype call which would come any moment. My laptop screen would ring any moment. There it rang and I was being interviewed. The interviewer could realize that I am timorous with my answers and there he was able to easily drill me with his questions. As the call got disconnected my father could not tackle this dejection for his oh so perfect sensible daughter and his shattered heart made him shout on me saying that I was overconfident and he there and then gave a statement that THIS UNIVERSITY IS NOT AT ALL TAKING YOU EVER AGAIN. Terribly sobbing I called my counselor who was handling my application to study abroad. Amaneesh Chandi Director of SOP EDITS CONSULTANTS, one of the finest education consultancies to turn your dream of studying abroad,a reality.

Literally shaking out of fear and pain I was almost shrieking on the call with her and recited her the whole Skype call. And to my amazement with so so so patience and calmness in her tone she told me that Tanveen you are going to get the admission in that same university and that’s my promise to you. To be frank I did not believe her at that moment. Days passed gradually I didn’t know what she was doing for my re-application, what all efforts she put in with the international team of university to reapply and make them re-consider my profile. I used to ask about further updates but she just used to say have faith in me and chill. And was now completely sure that I have lost the admission in my dream university and she has nothing in her hands. Because the way I answered on my Skype call it hinted to the university people that I may be a PROSPECT IMMIGRANT hence they denied me the admission so it was even tougher to re-schedule Skype. However I got myself busy hunting other universities and thankfully received unconditional offer letter also from them, But still at the back of my mind I was regretting the way I portray myself on  the Skype call and lost admission that too when I was so close to it,
But the fact is rejection comes with the pursuit of Acceptance and there I was Amaneesh called me one day and told me that get ready for your Skype call next week I was totally numb for the moment and then just congratulated her for convincing the university to give me the one last chance. This time she took my Skype prepared me with the best of material and made me grasp all the answers.She also arranged a demo telephonic interview for me with the country head of that university office in Delhi.I am also indebted to that Sir,he really prepared me well telling me about all the minute questions I may face bracing me for the worst. This time it was no looking back we got to be sure. Finally, the Day came and I was trying to keep myself calm and simmer down the hustle going in my head where I was reminded of my previous interview and those negative comments which I got. Finally, I completed my Skype interview with full confidence and emotional stability with one thing in mind that I have nothing to lose as I already have received an offer letter from two more universities by then but still have to prove that I will be an asset to the university.
I cleared it and SOP EDITS MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE “Amaneesh you were the guiding light throughout this who brainwashed my mind with positivity and hopes”.As you always say “If the end is not beautiful then it is not the end of your life because life has always a beautiful ending”
I am so so obliged and thankful to you God bless you and yes SOP EDITS CONSULTANTS ROCKS.Kudos to the team,keep up the good work !

Source: http://myrejectiontoacceptancestory.blogspot.in/2018/03/life-always-has-beautiful-ending.html

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