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Also known as Letter of Reference, Letters of Recommendation (LORs) are written to assess the accomplishments and potential of the candidate and they are sent to interpret the same to the third person. A LOR is usually written in a prescribed format to clearly highlight the basic and relevant information of the candidate.


1. Create a brief outline: A brief outline may include your career objectives, past work experiences, notions, and all the internships you have done
2. Focus on what’s important: The one crucial thing is that you don’t need to fumble upon the things you haven’t done. Segregate the points you have in mind and then focus and present according to what has more value
3. Present your statements with examples and logics: Whatever you pronounce should always be clear-cut and it should be supported with concrete facts or practical examples, as examples make statements clearer.
4/.No plagiarism: “Originality is undetected plagiarism.”- William Inge. Not only plagiarizing or copying someone else’s work can get you caught, but also it is morally and ethically incorrect. So don’t just randomly copy paste information while claiming it to be yours.


1. Don’t use Vague Terms: This might make your readers feel disconnected, so use a comprehensible style structure which looks and sounds professional to anyone who reads it.
2. Don’t Write Something Funny: It’s not humor but your caliber that they look forward to. Keep details precise and write only what is necessary.
3. Don’t Highlight Your Weaknesses: Always leverage and highlight your strengths, but don’t go about pretending to be someone that you are not. Exhibit your qualities in a manner that you appear humble with a willingness to learn.

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