IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English language proficiency test to be given by non- native English language speakers. Your ability in listening, reading, speaking and writing English is assessed in this test.

The most common reasons for giving the IELTS exam are:

  • Seeking a job in an English speaking country
  • Applying in an international university
  • Immigrating to an English speaking country

IELTS Academic or General Training:

Even though IELTS is a really common exam, many people are not even aware that there are two types of IELTS training depending on the purpose of giving the IELTS exam. The two types of IELTS training are:

  1. IELTS Academic Training
  2. IELTS General Training

You might be wondering what the difference between these two types is. So, let us clear the air and know a little bit more about both of these types.

IELTS Academic Training

IELTS Academic training is required for those who wish to apply for higher education in an English speaking country. Clearing this exam helps you in easily getting admissions in an international university. Also, people going to an English speaking country for taking up jobs there are advised to take up this training.

IELTS General Training

Just as the name suggests, IELTS General training is a general assessment of English Language proficiency of a person. This training is important for the people who are planning to visit an English speaking country for training programs, work experience or any other similar work. People who seek to migrate to the English language speaking countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. are also required to give this exam.

We will now further see the difference between reading and writing sections of Academic and General IELTS training-

  • Reading Section

The reading section for IELTS General training is relatively easy than that of the IELTS Academic training. You are asked to read various long passages increasing in difficulty in Academic training whereas, in General training, you are given simpler and shorter passages to read.

Also, the topics of texts vary in both types of training. You find academic topics in Academic training and general topics related to social survival or workplace survival in General training.

  • Writing Section

In the writing section of the IELTS training, you are given certain writing tasks to complete. You can be asked to describe and analyze the data in various charts like a bar chart, pie chart or in a table etc. in Academic training. However, in General training, you can be asked to simply write a letter in the format of your own choice out of the given options i.e. formal, informal and semi- formal.

Going through all this information, we are certain that there’s a good difference between IELTS Academic training and the IELTS General training. It won’t be wrong to say that the IELTS Academic training is somewhat a higher and difficult version of IELTS General training. We hope that now you know which type of IELTS online test you should go for.

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