Ireland is one of the top 20th countries globally, which is a part of the European Union (EU), which is well known for quality life, peace, and human development. Ireland is also known for top-ranked universities and institutes which focus on Morden knowledge. They offer multiple opportunities to grow, and they also give you practical knowledge beyond the class curriculum. The MS in Ireland or MBA in Ireland is one of the explanations why the country has welcomed numerous international students. And Nowadays, Ireland became a top choice of Indian students.

The education system follows the Bologna System. Students get benefits from smaller tuition fees and living costs compared to the UK. You won’t need an Ireland Student Visa if you come from an EU / EEA country or Switzerland. If you are not from the EU / EEA, follow subsequent steps for your student visa.


• You’ve got to use online for a visa.

• Once you have completed the web application process, you want to follow the instructions on the web system’s summary form.

• The summary form you need to print, sign, and date must be submitted together with supporting documents.

• You’ll be required to supply your Biometrics information as a part of the appliance process.

The type of visa you ought to apply for depends on the length of your degree:

  • C – type study visa – for any study that lasts but three months (90 days)
  • D – type study visa – for any study that lasts longer than three months. To stay longer than three months, non-EU / EEA students even have to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau, which may grant the permission to remain in Ireland beyond the initial 90 days.

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Documents required for D Study:

To apply for your study visa, you will generally need:

• A current passport

• Letter of acceptance from the recognized Irish institution

• As a compulsory condition, your passport must be valid for 12 months, i.e., after your proposed date of arrival in Ireland

• Passport–sized color photographs

• The score of an English proficiency test like IELTS

• Proof of fee payment (this can either be a legitimate receipt showing course fees has been lodged to an approved student fee payment service or of the copy of Electronic Transfer of Funds by the applicant to the Irish bank of the university or college

• Evidence of funds (€7,000) to supply your living expenses for the duration of your course

• Evidence for any gaps in your educational history (if any)

• Medical insurance details

• You would possibly even be asked to supply together with your biometric information as a part of the appliance process

• A press release of your commitment that you’ll leave Ireland on the expiry of your visa

study in Ireland

Documents required for C Study visa:

• For the ‘C’ visa, you would like application summary sheets and proof of your return home as attested documents

• Evidence of educational ability to pursue your chosen course

You may even have to look for a private interview at the Ireland embassy or consulate.

If any of your documents are not in English / Irish, it must include a full translation. And each of the translated documents must consist of:

• A translator confirmation as evidence of accurate translation of the first document submitted;

• The translation date

• The complete name and signature of the translator; and

• The contact details of your translator

*Note that these are the essential requirements; speak in conjunction together with your IDP counselor for a thorough list of documents required for visa processing


• A Replica of an E – Transfer Funds from applicant to Irish Bank of the school, showing details of the beneficiary and therefore the same details for the sender and a replica of a letter/receipt from Irish college confirming that the fee has been received.

• A valid receipt shows that the course fees have been lodged to an approved student fee payment service. If you still have any questions about Ireland Student Visa, contact SOPEDITS, and their Ireland Student Visa experts will help you appropriately. 

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