Admission in Ivy League Schools is like a dream for any student. These schools are always counted amongst the world’s topmost schools. The Ivy League consists of eight different colleges. The list of Ivy League Colleges is given below-

  1. Brown University
  2. Columbia University
  3. Cornell University
  4. Dartmouth College
  5. Harvard University
  6. Princeton University
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. Yale University

All these schools make it to the list of top universities of USA year after year. But with such great status, also comes the responsibility to maintain it. Therefore, they only let best of the best students to get admitted to their institution. This makes it very hard for the students to fulfil their dream of becoming a part of the elite Ivy League Schools.

How to get Admission into Ivy League schools:

So, in order to help you increase your chances of getting admit from Ivy League Schools, we are providing you with some hacks which you can make use of.

The first thing to think about for making your way to the Ivy League schools is to know about their expectations from an applicant. Being aware of the qualities they are seeking in their prospective student helps you to start focusing on that sooner.

Bearing in mind their application forms, we can say that the things they look for include the grades, test scores, recommendation letters, extra- curricular activities and awards and the personal statement.

This shows that their application procedure focuses on your past achievements in order to ensure whether or not you are fulfilling their requirements. Let us now go component by component and discover what all you can do to get admit from Ivy League Schools. Here’s how to apply for Ivy League colleges-


Your school grades play a very important part when applying for these colleges. Not just they should be great but also consistent as consistency proves that you are a hard-working student and take your studies very seriously. Consistent excellent scores definitely make a positive impact and help you in getting noticed.

Test Scores:

Test scores are another major component for getting admission in Ivy League schools. These include your SAT/ ACT scores. You should aim for at least more than 2050 to increase the chances of your selection.

Recommendation Letters:

The recommendation letters help in putting light on your attitude towards curricular and co- curricular activities. You should consider getting letters of recommendation from your high school teachers so that they act as an evidence of your achievements also.

Extracurricular activities and Awards:

This can be considered as the most important component of your application. As you know, all the world’s best students shall be applying to Ivy League Schools so how can you make yourself stand apart from them? The answer is, with the help of extracurricular activities and awards.

So, make sure to win and participate in as many extracurricular activities as you can.

Personal Statement:

You might also be asked to write a personal statement so that they can determine and judge your understanding, reflections and eloquence. These topics are mostly related to your past experiences, choice of area of study, community, your goals etc.

Making it a point to fulfill all these requirements put forward by them can easily help you in getting you to any of the Ivy League schools. Admission in Ivy League Schools may seem really tough but working hard while keeping in mind these hacks is all that you need to do and soon you’ll be getting admit from them. All the best!

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