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Complete Interview Guide For The US F1 Student Visa

The US F1 student visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to international students to enter the United States and study in US-based universities certified by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). 

A student can apply for the F-1 Visa only after the application is accepted by an accredited United States Institution. There is no limitation on F-1 Visa, and students who successfully fulfill the required criteria can get Visa. Students can also change their school if they get a better option. The students are also allowed to work by complying with specific rules and regulations.

The duration of the F-1 student to stay in the US will depend upon the program in which he/she is enrolled. The university issues form I-20 to such students, which lists the expiration date of the program and the amount required to finance the education.

The declaration of funds can be made by submitting certain documents, which are as follows:

  • Tax filing records for the last three years.
  • Bank statements for the previous three years.
  • Payslip of prior employment.
  • If funded by a scholarship, need to provide relevant documents.
  • If the program is sponsored by someone else from the United States, Form I-134 must be submitted along with Affidavit of Support and statements from banks for the last three years.
  • If the program is financed through a loan, then relevant documents of approved loans must be submitted.

After completing graduation, students are eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which will permit the student to work in the related field for up to 12 months. 

The US F1 student visa takes less processing time when compared to other Visas. The interview is a vital part of F-1 Visa.

Suppose in case a candidate’s visa application is rejected. In that case, the Visa officer mentions the reason for rejection which can either be that the supporting documentation was not enough or due to some other reasons.

Requirements For US F1 Student Visa

There are several requirements to apply for US F1 Student Visa, which are as follows:

  • Full-time enrollment: Students applying for US Visa must be enrolled as full-time students at the academic institution.
  • Institution Certification: The students need to check that their desired college or university is approved and certified by the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Proficiency in the English Language: The students who wish to study in the US must meet the required proficiency score of the English Language of the desired college or university. You can also take help by enrolling yourself in courses that help to improve your English. The language proficiency can be proved by taking tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. 
  • Valid Passport: The passport should be valid for travel to the United States for a minimum of six months after the program’s completion date.
  • Sufficient Funding: The students opting to study in the US must prove adequate funds to finance studies and living expenses. They can also apply for scholarships and different organizations to lower the financial burden of the program.
  • Home Country Residency: The students, after completion of the program, should return to the home country and therefore should hold a residence in the home country.
US F1 Visa

Steps To Apply For An F-1 Visa  

There are certain steps to follow for an F-1 Visa which are as follows:

  • Before submitting the Visa application, one should get accepted by a SEVP approved and certified institution. The institution will issue an I-20 form which is required to apply for the F-1 Visa.
  • Payment of SEVIS fees.
  • The students are required to complete the DS-160 Visa application.
  • Visa interview to be scheduled.
  • Attending the Visa interview.

Application Process Of F-1 Visa

The application process of an F-1 Visa starts when the student gets accepted by a SEVP certified and approved US University. This certification is required to prove to the United States Government that the university is accredited and holds proper resources for education.

The university issues the I-20 form after that. This form records the study plans and provides information regarding an individual’s stay.

The information that gets recorded is as follows:

  • SEVIS ID number
  • Program start and end dates.
  • Intended program of study.
  • Sources of funding.
  • Attendance cost at the college of your choice.
  • Personal Information.

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