German Universities: Germany is the world’s leading non-English-speaking student destination. Well known for its top universities, which offer students from within or outside the EU (EU) and the Economic Area (EEA) high-quality and affordable education, it is no wonder Germany has heaven such as that for education.

Here are the steps that you must take to be accepted into German Universities i.e. in “the Land of Ideas,” if you are planning to take admission in Germany.

Admission Deadlines for 2024 Intake in German Universities

The applicant is encouraged to apply at least 2 months before the expiration date for admission to German universities. A full application fee and complete application supplemented with necessary documentation enable the submission of an application to be successful in the application. The two-semester system of German universities encompasses the winter and summer semesters. German universities The winter semester witnessed the highest number of registrations for both semesters. The lectures are from 1st  October to 31st  March and start on 15th  October and span for the last 4 months.

The Summer Semester runs from 1 April to 31 September, with lectures starting on 15 April and running for nearly 3 months. In the summer semester, very few German universities welcome students.

How to apply for studies in Germany?

Contact the university’s international office to check that you meet the admission criteria of your German university of choice. The entry qualification (access permit – HZB) or equivalent to admitted higher educational qualifications is required.

Check credentials needed for some non-EU countries. After taking a preparatory course, international students who are eligible outside the EU zone would have to pass a university entrance exam (Studienkolleg).

You also cannot register directly even though you meet the admission criteria. The most common German courses have some restrictions called the Numerus Clausus (NC). A selection process based on these constraints would have to take place. It is better to apply to more German universities at once to prevent non-admission as, of course, limitations apply.

The average high-level grade point in German universities is (GPA). The higher your ranking, the more likely your university will be.

Where to Apply for Masters in Germany?

Some research disciplines in Germany are very challenging, so some restrictions can exist. This influences the way you apply for a university degree in Germany. Courses followed by this form of entry procedure are limited nationally or locally. Present subjects limited by national NCs:

  • Architecture
  • The Pharmacology
  • Odontology
  • Veterinary wellness

University graduates in Germany or in an EU/EEA Member State apply to the Deutsche Hochschulreife-Hochschulkompass Trust for higher education.

University support or directly apply to students without German higher education entry or from a Non-EU/EEA region.

If you want to qualify for a local degree or not, you can apply via University Help or contact your local university.


German university application linguistic criteria

Deutschland offers a very small range of complete English courses. Some courses are however taught in French and English – which is a good way of promoting your skills in German during your study. The variety of English-learning courses is rising in Germany for graduate students.

All universities in Germany approve two big German language tests:

DSH – available only in Germany German language examination for university entry

TestDaF – available worldwide in 90 countries

You must also provide an English Certificate if you are planning to do Masters’s in Germany or MBA in Germany by IELTS, TOEFL, or Pearson if you intend to study in English in some cases.

Application documentation needed from the university

Per university sets its own conditions for admission, but most of the following are usually incorporated:

  • Copy of a secondary school diploma or an earlier degree accredited
  • Training modules and grades translation
  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of language proficiency – German and/or English
  • Motivation letter
  • All documents presented should be approved by an official authority
Deadlines in German university applications

Studies can be begun in winter and summer by students preparing to enroll at German Universities:

  • The deadline for registration in winter is 15 July
  • The deadline for registration in the summer is 15 January.

These application deadlines can vary from one higher education institution or study program to another. Always check the dates and start your application process early on. It will give you an advantage if you need to resubmit some documents or if something unexpected happens.

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