Universities and colleges in USA offer three intakes for students who wish to study there. The three intakes in USA are popularly known as the fall, spring, and summer intakes. This way, Universities accept admissions throughout the year for candidates who wish to pursue MS in the US or other similar courses. This way it becomes convenient for students to study in US. Usually, the fall intake is the most popular amongst the student community and the fall application deadline varies from university to university.  Read along to know in detail about US 2024 fall intake-

Fall intake is the period between mid-august to December. There are multiple reasons why this intake is the most popular amongst the student community-

2024 Fall Application Deadline for US Intake

The USA opens the applications for September intake in the preceding year. The application procedure consists of multiple steps so it is advisable to initiate the procedure well advance in time. After selecting the course and college through a detailed analysis one should go for their entrance exam (GRE/GMAT), an English-language test. Then comes the part, where one has to submit their SOP, CV, and Recommendation letters. This step requires a considerable amount of time wherein one needs to draft, edit and finalize these documents to make them appealing.

It is best to finish them one by one and not handle them all together during winter. Ideally, students should begin in September itself so that everything is ready before the stipulated time frame and they have buffer space for some unexpected formalities.

Reasons to choose Fall Intake-

  1. There are numerous opportunities for scholarships to study in the US during the fall intake in addition to networking opportunities. This is the beginning of the academic year and the energy is high during this intake.
  2. As compared to summer or spring, this intake has a maximum number of courses open to students.
  3. Students, who opt for fall intake in USA, meet the criteria of a minimum of 9 months of course. This helps them in applying for internships and different types of projects. 
  4. Jobs open up during the Fall intake thus increasing the chances of more on-campus job opportunities for the students studying there.

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There are two types of deadlines to study MS in USA. These are Priority and Regular. Priority deadlines are useful for people who are looking for financial aid and the rest can look through the regular timelines. Usually, the fall application deadline for US is December for most of the top Universities. All the Universities put their admission information on their websites. Students should regularly check these to get the latest information. It is always beneficial to apply as soon as the window opens as it increases the chances of admission. SOP-EDITS assist students in submitting their applications by April/May to help them secure a seat.


MBA Admissions in USA

Pursuing MBA from colleges in USA is a dream for the student community. Each and every university has its own admission sessions and deadlines. Fall application deadlines for US colleges offering MBA are as follows-

University Name Admission Deadline
Booth School of Business January 6
Yale School of Management January 6
Fuqua School of Business January 5
Stern School of Business January 15
Harvard Business School January 4
Wharton School of Business January 5
Kellogg School of Management January 5
McDonough School of Business January 6
Ross School of Business January 10
Top US Universities Name and Deadline

Documents Required to Study in USA

Students have to be very careful when it comes to submitting documents with their applications. The admission and score criteria are different for each university but here is a list of documents that are more or less common for every university-

  1. Transcripts of the last qualifying examination
  2. Mark sheets of class 10th and 12th
  3. GRE/GMAT scores
  4. Admission Essay
  5. SOP
  6. Resume/CV
  7. 2-3 LORs
  8. Valid Passport
  9. IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores
  10. Passport size photographs
  11. Certificates of extracurricular activities, internships (if any)

As soon as the candidates finalize their University after doing extensive research, they should check the US 2024 fall intake deadlines and start the application procedure right away. Each step requires precision and a lot of hard work. SOP-EDITS has gained a lot of name for itself amongst the student population who wishes to study abroad, due to its impeccable record of counseling candidates and guiding them in the correct manner. Most of the colleges and universities in the USA follow 2 systems- the semester or quarter system. Thus, the fall application deadlines for the US vary from college to college and are different for each system as well. There is no common date or deadline for all the Universities. Most of the reputed and top Universities close their intake 8-12 months before the academic year begins. The remaining Universities will end their admissions 6-10 months before the classes begin.

For applying to the top A, A+ Universities, one needs to apply by November- December of the previous year. The deadline for remaining A-,   B, B+, or C+ Grade Universities is around February- March of the same year. Some C, and D Grade universities have their deadlines extended till June-July as well. SOP-EDITS guides aspiring students to submit their applications much before the deadline. This increases their chance of admission to their preferred University and course and also their options for getting a scholarship increase significantly. So wait no more and apply for the US 2024 fall intake now! We wish you good luck with your applications.

SOPEDITS Overseas assists students in completing their applications in a smooth and timely manner and is highly popular amongst students in Delhi NCR.

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