Fall Application Deadlines for MS in New Zealand 2023 Intake

New Zealand is fast gaining popularity amongst the student population especially to pursue MS as the universities here are top ranking with a research-based curriculum. In order to study in New Zealand, it is important to find a course and university which suits your requirements. All the colleges and universities open up their courses during different times of the year. We will be discussing in detail about Fall application deadlines for MS in New Zealand in this article.

Upcoming September Fall Application Deadlines for MS in New Zealand

Types of Intakes in New Zealand

There are 3 intakes to study in New Zealand. These are as follows-

  1. January/February intake- this is also known as the fall intake and is comparatively less popular amongst international aspirants as most if the courses are not available during this duration. Students should start their preparation 3 months in advance, at least from November to secure admission in their dream university.
  2. July Intake- this is the most sought-after intake by the student community. The deadline for this intake is between April- May.

The steps involved to pursue MS in New Zealand include-

  1. Research and shortlisting courses and colleges
  2. Prepare and appear for the tests- GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL
  3. Prepare SOP/CV/LOR
  4. Completing the application form for the universities
  5. Apply for Round 1
  6. Give interviews and accept offer letter
  7. Appear for 2nd round
  8. Accept offer letter
  9. Arranging loans/scholarships and filling out the visa application
  10. Book travel

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The most popular universities and their fall application deadlines for MS in New Zealand are as follows-

Name of the universityApplication Deadline
University of OtagoFeb 2023 intake, applications currently open (July)  
University of Auckland  Quarter 1: November 1,
Quarter 2: February 1,
Quarter 3: May 1,
Quarter 4: July 1.  
University of Waikato  March 2023
University of CanterburyFebruary 2023 (only for international students),
May 2023,
September 2023  
Victoria University of Wellington    Start Dates: Trimester 1: January 29, 2023, March 26, 2023;
Trimester 2: July 16, 2023, May 21, 2023;
Trimester 3: September 10, 2023, November 5, 2023 
University of MasseyFirst Intake: January 31, 2023,
Second Intake: May 30, 2023,
Third Intake: September 26, 2023  
most popular universities in New Zealand

Documents Required to Study in New Zealand

Documents Required to Study in New Zealand-

As is seen in every country, the admission process and criteria vary from university to university in New Zealand. But there are some primary documents that are required for New Zealand 2023 fall intake and other subsequent intakes. They are- 

  1. Completed Application form with all the relevant details.
  2. Offer Letter from the University
  3. Scores for exams like IELTS (minimum 6.5 overall bands is required). For Toefl 90 is required.
  4. 2 passport size photos
  5. SOP as applicable
  6. Letter of Recommendation by professors
  7. Transcripts of both school and college
  8. Health insurance documents
  9. Job experience letters for a minimum of 2 years
  10. CV/Resume.
  11. Academic essay
  12. Immigration documents
  13. Test scores of the standardized exams like GRE/GMAT
  14. Audited Financial bank statements Job experience certificates, if available
  15. Interviews as required

New Zealand 2023 fall intake

The cost of living and fees of Universities is generally a burden for the international community of students. Thus, it is advisable for students to apply for scholarships to study in New Zealand in order to live a more comfortable life there. All the universities offer scholarships, all you have to do is apply for them. Students are advised to carefully check the eligibility criteria of the courses available each semester and then make a clear and rational decision. Other factors to be kept in mind include- standardized test scores required, acceptance rates for their selected course and college, documents required, scholarship opportunities, and job prospects after completing the course. Once all the prerequisites are in place, students can decide their intake season. If an aspirant is invited for an interview by a particular college or university, then it indicated that he/she might get selected for that particular course. Students are expected to be prepared before appearing for their interview as details like their academic experience, professional history, goals, and shortcomings are frequently asked. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, students have to pre-record a certain set of questions and send it to the universities. These questions are about the personality and career goals of the students. Every university wants to understand the personality of its applicants and judge how each of them can contribute to the MS program and their university.

In addition to this, students have to put in a lot of effort and hard work to prepare a solid SOP. A good SOP describes in detail an aspirant’s achievements and academic journey. It should highlight their goals and interests in a clear and concise manner. It should neither be too long nor very repetitive. It is also very important that an SOP is completely personalized and not mechanical. Aspiring international students should also have some track record of volunteering or community work. Once, all these things are finalized students should focus on securing scholarships to study in New Zealand and search for options for the same.

Thus, it is extremely crucial for students to do their research and complete all the documents before the fall application deadlines for MS in New Zealand.

Thus it becomes very important for students to become proactive and complete all the formalities before the fall application deadlines for MS in Zealand.  We can easily say that New Zealand’s 2023 fall intake is going to be very competitive as colleges are finally opening up after the pandemic. So, keep a tab on the website of the selected colleges, give the test and gather all the documents to complete and submit the application process much ahead of time. Applying before the deadline increases the chances of selection in the university of choice which in turn boosts the confidence of the students and gives a positive start to their career of the student. So, wait no more and get started.